February 24, 2021

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Goodbye Google, You Evil Scum

Goodbye Google, You Evil Scum

I hate being a hypocrite.

Hennessy’s View has been hosted on Firebase. Until today.

Today, I switched hosting services. (I won’t name my hosting service. If I do, the evil people will “force” them to delete my account because that’s what this generation of Satanists does to people like you and me.)

Firebase is owned by Google and is part of its evil underworld of control, lies, and anti-Christian fervor. I don’t want to do anything that adds value to evil organizations, so I’ve moved to a new hosting provider.

Previously, I had removed all Google search from all my browsers and devices. I use DuckDuckGo.com, and you should, too.

I use Gab’s Dissenter browser, too.

Google’s original mantra was “don’t be evil.” Google is evil. Don’t support evil.