November 10, 2020

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Follow Me on Parler

Follow Me on Parler

Goodbye Twitter; Hello Parler!

Twitter wants me dead. You too, most likely. I don’t like being around people who hate me, especially when I have way to change their heart (except prayer).

So I’m leaving Twitter behind and moving to Parler.

Parler Believes in Free Speech

Twitter began as a developer’s tool to allow developer to stay up-to-date on what other developers were doing. It was a great idea.

From that, a new category emerged: micro blogging.

During the rise of the Tea Party movement, Twitter rose right along with us. Twitter became my favorite platform for getting the word out. Believe it or not, it was far less cantancerous than Facebook at the time.

Then, Jack Dorsey, the guy who invented Twitter as a side project, decided to impose his political views on the content people shared. You’re only allowed to say what Jack approves of. That’s not free speech. It’s kind of Nazi, if you ask me.

So I’ve moved to Parler. Please join me.

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If you look below this paragraph, you’ll see my sharing buttons. The first one is a big, red Parler logo. Click that to share this post (or any post) on Parler.

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