November 1, 2020

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Good News: Facebook Bans Women for Trump

Good News: Facebook Bans Women for Trump

Leftists treat women like chattel. Take Facebook.

Three days before the most important election since America’s founding, Facebook banned the organization Women for Trump. Facebook offered no explanation and it refuses to respond to requests for explanation from the organization, the press, and the president.

And this is good news.

Blatant Intolerance For Identifiable Groups

Facebook, Twitter, and Google openly reject the rights of women and minorities to express their own views. The censors at these Silicon Valley tyrannies allow white men to pretty much say whatever they want. They also allow anyone to express leftist, anti-Western thoughts without filters.


But, should a woman, a Black, a Hispanic, or a medical doctor express views that violate the left’s prejudices, all hell breaks loose. Silicon Valley’s oligarchs treat uppity members of “favored” groups like runaway slaves.

Don’t let this get you down, though.

Celebrate the Good News

Ask yourself why Facebook would single out Women for Trump in New Jersey?

There’s only reason: suburban New Jersey women are flocking to Trump. And New Jersey could be in play.

New Jersey has a lot of pro-life suburban women, just like Wisconsin and Michigan. If the oligarchs see New Jersey women moving toward Trump, it makes sense they’d use their dictatorial powers to silence these renegades.

And signs of a #MAGA2020LandslideVictory are popping up all over the place:

  • FiveThirtyEight now expected Trump to take Iowa
  • Nate Silver says, without Pennsylvania, Biden is an underdog
  • Minnesota’s communist/Muslim Attorney General (Democrat) warned Minnesota that Trump might win that state
  • Democracy Institute’s final poll predicts “an electoral landslide” for Trump

Say a prayer of thanksgiving that Facebook feels the need to cheat. It means we’re winning.