May 24, 2020

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Democrats Turn Nursing Homes Into Death Camps

Democrats Turn Nursing Homes Into Death Camps

When I wrote this post on May 6, I worried how it would be received. Accusing a governor of intentionally killing nursing home residents in order to save money is a serious charge. And, with only circumstantial evidence, difficult to prove.

Since then, Andrew Cuomo’s behavior has been consistent with guilt. The latest example is deflection. He’s trying, now, to blame federal guidelines for his order to force uninfected nursing homes to treat confirmed COVID-19 patients even if they lacked the facilities and skills to do so.

Of course, Cuomo had no knowledge of any federal guidance on April 28 when he was confronted on the nursing home mandate. So, he could not have relied on the federal guidance when he gave the order weeks before. Cuomo is lying.

But Cuomo is not alone.

In fact, it now seems that Democrat governors across the country used Coronavirus patients as a weapon to wipe out expensive nursing home populations. It was a coordinated genocide to reduce costs, perpetrated by at least three Democrat governors:

  • Andrew Cuomo of New York
  • JB Pritzker of Illinois
  • Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan

Together, these governors killed over 15,000 nursing home residents. For their effort, they received $195 million for “treating” COVID-19 patients, and they stand to save nearly $2 billion annually in reduced nursing home costs. People are expensive, you know.

If this were the plot of a novel, it would be unbelievable. But this really happened. And it’s still happening.

JB Pritzker just erased all data related to COVID-19 in Illinois nursing homes on Friday. And my source for this is, of all things, MSN:

The Illinois Department of Public Health changed its reporting criteria Friday to highlight nursing homes and other facilities that have had at least one new coronavirus case in the last 28 days. Information about homes that struggled with an outbreak earlier in the pandemic but haven’t had recent new cases no longer is being published.

For example, the Tribune reported May 15 that, for the first time, a nursing home outside the Chicago area had reported at least 20 deaths. That was Villa East in Sangamon County, which had 21 workers and residents die of the coronavirus.

But because Villa East had no new cases recently, it was excluded from this week’s reporting and those 21 deaths have disappeared from the public-facing data. The only downstate nursing home listed with 20 deaths now is Edwardsville Care Center in Madison County near St. Louis. It had one new COVID-19 case since the last public data release on May 15.

But it gets worse. According to MSN:

The latest change makes it impossible for the public to know how many people in the facilities have been infected — and have died — over time.

How many of these Illinois nursing homes were infected by Governor Pritzker? We know that Gretchen Whitmer and Andrew Cuomo intentionally moved Coronavirus patients into uninfected nursing homes in order to spread the disease. We have to assume that Pritzker did, too. And, it’s safe to assume they didn’t all think of this on their own. They plotted together.

In Michigan, attention was recently drawn to the situation by a viral video that shows a 20-year-old black male beating a 77-year-old military veteran repeatedly. Here’s that video:

(Twitter has removed the video.)

The perpetrator was transferred at Governor Whitmer’s direction to that nursing home hundreds of miles away after the 20-year-old male was confirmed to have Coronavirus. The perpetrator’s father spoke to Fox 2 in Detroit and said this:

He said his son called 911 and was taken to a mental health facility in Ann Arbor. Last Wednesday, he was diagnosed with COVID-19 and said he was supposed to be taken to another facility to be quarantined.

“It should’ve never happened because he should’ve never been put in that environment.”

At least, his father knows Whitmer is a dangerous lunatic. H/T The Gateway Pundit.

Governor Whitmer ordered the perpetrator out of a mental health facility and into a nursing home because the kid had Coronavirus.

Moreover, police waited seven days to arrest the thug, presumably to allow him more time for him to beat and infect more elderly people at the facility. A second video of the same man beating an elderly woman has emerged.

If the perpetrator hadn’t been stupid enough to post the videos on social media, the world would never have known about the beatings or about Whitmer’s directive to infect nursing homes. But now we know.

When you hear Whitmer, Cuomo, or Pritzker, you think “murderer.” You start to look at nursing homes in New York, Illinois, and Michigan as death camps. These governors intentionally moved people with active Coronavirus into nursing homes, which Cuomo himself described as a “feeding frenzy for the virus.”

It’s difficult to find words to describe the horror of this policy. This must be how the world felt when Allied troops first reported what they found in Germany’s concentration camps.

God, have mercy on us all.