Hard Medicine: It's Your Responsibility to be Prepared for COVID

Hard Medicine: It's Your Responsibility to be Prepared for COVID

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Do you consider yourself a responsible person?

Most people I know have decided to say “no” to the COVID vaccines for one or more of the obvious reasons:

  • The vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission of the disease (CDC)
  • There is no evidence that vaccines reduce the incidence of severe cases. (The NIH has used invalid statistical methods)
  • Adverse reactions to the COVID vaccine have killed 45,000 Americans and injured hundred of thousands (perhaps permanently)
  • There are safe, affordable treatments available (HCQ, Ivermectin)
  • All of the available COVID vaccines were made with cells or tissue from aborted babies
  • Two of the three available vaccines are the first mRNA vaccines and pose terrifying long-term risks
  • The inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology advises people to avoid the vaccines at all costs
  • Human testing dispensed with a control group, so the actually efficacy and safety of the vaccines is unknown

If you have decided to say “no” to the vaccines, I urge you to prepare yourself for when you do contract the virus. Obtain an HCQ/Ivermectin treatment kit for each member of your household today. I’ll tell you how to get your kit in a moment.

Take Care of Yourself Starting Now #

I also urge you to reduce your chances of a severe case of COVID by following the behavior pattern shown to provide resilience to the disease:

  • Take Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Zinc supplements every day. Click here to order the COVID blend online
  • Spend as much time outdoors as possible, preferable in the sun, preferable with skin exposed, and preferably with minimum UV protection
  • Exercise every day: walk at least 8,000 steps and perform resistance (weight) training 3 times per week
  • If you are a man with greater than 23 percent body fat or woman with greater than 30 percent, lose weight now
  • Unless you have certain conditions like Type I diabetes, adopt a very-low carbohydrate diet: no sugars, no starches, no fruits (except low-sugar fruits like avocados)
  • Get plenty of sleep every night
  • Quit smoking

Everything on this list you can start today. If you choose to forego the shots and to forego behavior changes that reduce your chances of a severe case, you are only providing ammunition to the force-vaccination crowd.

Order Your Home Treatment Kits and Know How to Use Them #

Another thing you can do todayβ€”do right nowβ€”is to schedule an online consultation for a prescription for the COVID treatment kits.

Do not put this off. You need to have the drugs on hand when you first experience symptoms. You will likely not get prescriptions for these drugs from your local doctor or pharmacy, because they have been threatened with license revocation for dispensing lifesaving COVID treatments. (Don’t bother arguing: I’ve talked to pharmacists and doctors. They will not risk their livelihoods to save your life.)

I have a 30-day HCQ prophylactic course and a 7-day Ivermectin therapy course at home. The HCQ course is in case you knowingly come into close contact with someone who has COVID. The Ivermectin is in case you develop symptoms.

  1. Go to this website and begin your consultation: Speak With an MD
  2. You can choose either a video consultation or an email consultation.
  3. After the consultation, the doctor will write a prescription based on your health status, age, and bodyweight. (Ivermectin is very weight-dependent, so you cannot share your prescription with others)
  4. Prescriptions are prioritized based on your situation. If you have symptoms, you’re at the top of the list.
  5. Know the Zelenko protocol and the modified Frontline Doctors protocol: Prevention and Treatment Protocols
  6. When you receive your meds, inventory the contents and store them in a safe place.

Do Not Feed the Beast #

Every unvaccinated person who ends up in the hospital fuels the demand for masks, massive testing, vaccine passports, and forced vaccination. If you believe in personal liberty and responsibility, you must believe in being prepared should you contract COVID.

The Coronavirus has reached the endemic phase, meaning it will be around forever everywhere. Unlike smallpox and other viruses we have largely eradicated, Coronaviruses have an animal reservoir, meaning animals can carry the virus and transmit it to humans. Viruses with animal reservoirs cannot be eradicated. (Again, the CDC and NIH are lying about this, and most doctors don’t understand the difference.)

‘Endemic COVID-19 means finding a new, tolerable way to live with this virus. It will feel strange for a while and then it will not. It will be normal.’

Endemic COVID-19

‘Endemic COVID-19 means finding a new, tolerable way to live with this virus. It will feel strange for a while and then it will not. It will be normal.’

This all means that you will eventually contract COVID-19. And, when you do, the Nazis will be eager to put you in the hospital and let you die so they can laugh at the stupid anti-vaxxer.

Don’t let this happen. Take care of yourself and be prepared with the right treatment protocols on hand.

  • Do not wait until you’re sick: you will not get the drugs in time.

  • Do not fool yourself into thinking “I won’t get it.” You will.

  • Do not put off getting into shape. Lose the weight, change your diet, get active.

  • Do not forget your vitamins and supplements. Without them, you are at maximum risk for getting very sick.

I write this as a friend of yours and as a friend of liberty. You can minimize the chances of becoming a statistic that the enemies of freedom will exploit. If you believe in liberty, then you must believe in personal responsibility. If you’re not in shape, if you’re not prepared, for COVID, you’re not being responsible. Period.

Please. It might seem preachy and holier-than-thou, but if it’s responsible to own and know how to use a gun to protect your family and home, then it’s responsible to own and know how to use the therapeutics that will keep you and your family out of the hospital.

God bless you.

P.S. I am not compensated by anyone for this message.