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Don’t Miss A Rising Conservative Star

I met Raz Shaver in 2010. Even though he’s many years my junior, Raz has been an insightful, patient, and indispensible to mentor in grassroots activism. Raz continues to help me and St. Louis Tea Party Coalition from his bunker in Texas. He also helps groups like St. Louis Tea Party all around the country. …

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Who will feed the hungry, clothe the naked, tend the sick, visit the imprisoned . . . ?

The candidates blew the emotional turning point in Monday’s CNN/Tea Party debate. Blew it. Big. Before we go into that, hear me out on the pressure on those candidates. Lights, Camera, Panic Imagine being on a stage. Searing white brightness reduces your range of vision to a few degrees of arc. You hear hundreds of …

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It’s All Your Fault

Straight up:  We can’t tell you now where future After Parties will be.  We can’t name the venue.  And it’s all your fault! Well, not all.  some if it’s my fault, but in a very innocent way. Planning The After Party Eisenhower said that planning is essential, but plans are useless.  He was right. When …