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Trump’s Third Act: The Honey Badger

Can you guess Stephen K. Bannon’s mantra at Breitbart? It’s not, “act like a Republican and lose.” It’s not “pivot,” a word I detest. “Honey badger don’t give a s—” is the Breitbart motto, and “the most dangerous political operative in America” is now running Donald Trump’s campaign. Raise the curtain on act three. The entire political world …

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Ed Martin Moves to Censure Henry Barbour Over Racist Mississippi Ads

Chairman Ed Martin

Go Ed! A few weeks ago, hunkered down at my laptop in my hotel room in Jacksonville, Florida. I was exhausted from seven hours of travel and a time change. But I had to take a moment to recognize Ed Martin’s commitment to all the best the Republican Party stands for. Ed is determined to …

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Hey, Candy Crowley: Tea Party Groups Resemble the 13 Colonies, Not the Balkans

Analogies say more about the speaker than about the subject. Candy Crowley told KMOX Radio listeners on Friday that Tea Party groups resemble the Balkans without guns. Wrong. Crappy analogy, Candy.  The diverse and autonomous, often quarrelsome, Tea Party groups remind me of the original 13 colonies. The colonies were divided on just about every …

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Down at the Lake, They Want to Know “Is the Tea Party Dead?”

Own Your Life

Is the Tea Party dead?  That’s the big question this week around the Lake of the Ozarks. First, Eric Reeve The Lake Liberal wrote this letter-to in Lake News Online. He concludes: We may hear of the Tea Party here and there in the future, but I doubt it will ever figure prominently in American politics …

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You’re Almost Out of Time

There will be only one 3rd Anniversary Tea Party, and it will be this coming Friday and Saturday, February 24 and 25.  Today’s Wednesday.  You have two days. Order today, because the future needs you. This could be the only chance you get to learn about how the brain votes, how social media can change …

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The GOP’s Predictable Plan to Destroy the Tea Party

Yes, the establishment wants you to go away. Are you going to obey? With a little help from The Atlantic and New York Times (of all places), we can put together a strategy to recognize and deflect the establishment’s tactics.  Put this in your back pocket. You’ll need it before primary season is over. Establishment …