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Who’s a Racist?

So many people say it’s okay for Antifa to beat people they don’t like. Tim Cook says it. Mitt Romney says it. It’s easy to agree with them. It’s easy to say, “I hate racists and Nazis. I’m glad somebody’s taking the initiative and beating them with clubs.” Many people feel that way. Many people …

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We Tore It Apart—We Can Rebuild It

How will history remember the Tea Party movement of 2009 to 2016? The answer to that question depends on what we do next. The Tea Party movement was an antagonistic movement. We opposed bad stuff. We sought punishment for bad actors. We saw that the experts were wrong, and we pointed out their folly. Like William …

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How Donald Trump Completed the Tea Party

Sometimes I forget what originally drove me to call for a tea party protest in St. Louis. One motivation was fear of missing out because a dozen other cities were planning protests. Another driver was a desire change the direction of the country. And at least some of it was the frustrated actor in me …

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One Week To Go. Are You Ready?

Time is running out fast. The St. Louis Area Tea Party for Trump is Sunday, August 28 at 4:00 p.m. at Surdyke Harley-Davidson in Festus, MO. Here’s your checklist to make sure you’re ready: [frontend-checklist name=”Tea Party for Trump”] Sign Ideas Make sure your signs embarrass no one. Don’t give the liars at CNN anything …

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Why Is Erick Erickson Protecting Reince Priebus?

Reince Preibus at RedState 2014

UPDATE: Welcome, Donald Trump fans! Thanks for reading. Yes, it’s true, I have had disagreements with Erick in the past. I try to assess the situation, not just the person. It’s possible to disagree with someone on one subject and to agree with them on another. If anything, Erick showed consistency by rescinding Trump’s invitation …

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This Wisconsin Police Chief Admits Illegal Harassment of Tea Party Leader, After Lying About It

The weird thing is: isn’t that Sharp Elbows questioning the Chief? When did he become a detective in Michigan? The chief pleaded nolo contendere to identity theft charges. He presented himself as a tea party leader signing up for embarrassing, sexual email lists. From the La Crosse Tea Party: A shocking update to the Town of Campbell …

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What Happened to the Tea Party?

Gadsden Flag Cape

I’ll give Business Insider some credit. After Tea Party-backed candidates came up empty across the board in Tuesday’s Republican primaries, the website that has spent years maligning our rule-of-law movement could have taken the low road. Instead, blogger Brett Logiurato wrote a fair assessment of what’s happened to the GOP since February 27, 2009. The …

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The Tea Party Is 5 Years Old Today

St. Louis Tea Party Number 1

If you were out on the Arch steps on February 27, 2009, take a moment to consider what’s happened. From near-spontaneous reaction to bailouts, corporate takeovers, and profligate government spending emerged the largest and most sustained political movement since the 1960s Both the GOP and Democrat Party are minority parties, as independents have surged A …

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5 Years Ago Today, The Tea Party Was Born On a Phone Call

St. Louis Tea Party February 27, 2009

Give all due credit to Rick Santelli. His rant inspired a movement. But words don’t wear boots. More images like this one available at Doctor Bulldog: At 7:00 pm on February 20, Mike Leahy, Eric Odom, Jenny Beth Martin, Michelle Moore, Brooks Bayne, and a few others hijacked the TCOT conference call to answer Santelli’s …

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Conservatives Keep Losing Because They’re Reading The Wrong Books

For the past four years. conservatives have worried more about being right while liberals worried about winning. We all know how that worked out. It doesn’t matter how right you are if you’re powerless.Right now we are. Satisfied? I didn’t think so. After four years of 5,000 Leap and Constitution study groups, of Constitutional workshops, …