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2018 Election

Remember: Vote for Dottie Bailey in Wildwood, Eureka, Pacific MO

You know why. I’ve told you repeatedly.  You have one job tomorrow if you live in Eureka, Wildwood, or Pacific. One job.  VOTE FOR DOTTIE BAILEY, STATE HOUSE 110. To make the sniveling legalists happy, I am treasurer for Dottie Bailey for Missouri.  Please tweet!

2018 Election

Josh Hawley for US Senate

Elect Hawley. Retire that wicked witch of the swamp McCaskill so you can walk with a little pride, Missouri.  I am 100% voting proudly for Josh Hawley for US Senate, and you will too.  No need to say more. Vote for Hawley all the way and silently wonder what’s wrong with anyone who doesn’t. (There’s …

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How will God answer our prayers?

Vote On Election Day

How will God answer our prayers to make America holy again? For 17 days we’ve been praying, going to confession, going to mass as often as we can. Rosaries. Chaplet of St. Michael. Tomorrow, election day, our back-to-back novenas wrap up. Fr. Heilman asked his Spiritual Warriors to do as many of these daily devotions …

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How I’m Voting

In case anyone cares. US Senate: Josh Hawley US House, 2nd District: Ann Wagner State Auditor: Saundra McDowell State Senate: Dave Schatz State Rep, 110th: Dottie Bailey Issues Amendment 1: NO (this amendment is intended to make Missouri a blue state. Kill it now) Amendment 2: YES (best step toward ending cannabis war in Missouri) …

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Election Day Spiritual Warfare

Polls open in less than 48 hours. History tells us how to win the election with spiritual warfare. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, agains …

2018 Election

Perfect Words from Trump

Even his supporters say President Trump’s speech is sometimes inelegant. Intentional or accidental, the president’s word choice often triggers his enemies and sometimes confuses his many supporters. But on Friday President Trump had the best words for sure. Talking about the possibility of Democrats seizing control of the US House of Representatives, he said, “could …

2018 Election

This could make Missouri a blue state fast

Amendment 1 would turn over Missouri’s state and federal gerrymandering to an unelected demographer. This means there’s an 8 to 1 chance (87.5%) that the demographer will be a Democrat.  Demography is a social science.  Social science majors are mostly far left or liberal. Only a handful of social science majors call themselves conservative: A …

2018 Election

Here’s what’s at stake on November 7

I get the feeling a lot of people think mid-term elections are like pre-season hockey. These people think the only election that counts is the presidential election. These people are, frankly, idiots. Sorry. They are.  What’s at stake in less than two weeks is huge. One of the biggest mid-term elections in your lifetime. If …

2018 Election

Are These Woman as Stupid as They Say?

I keep hearing the media say terrible things about women who live in suburbs and went to college.  According to everyone from CNN to the Cook Political Report, these college-educated suburban women have no control over their emotions or their hormones. They self-sabotage and sabotage their families just to quell their own emotional urges.  In …

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Bad Judgment on Rockwood School Board (or something worse?)

Everyone remembers the horrible audit of the Rockwood School District. $1.2 million wasted in double payments Contracts awarded to a construction company that had one of its executives on the board Feeble, “arrogant” response to the audit from board members Bad management! But the worst example of cronyism and arrogance went largely unreported. (The great …