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Domine, non sum dignus

How to Achieve

When a family’s children are small, the family has such unity of purpose. Mom, Dad, and all the kids climb into the mini-van or the SUV and head to the store. From there, they visit her parents. Then stop at McDonald’s on the way home. If one of the older kids is involved in an organized program, the whole family attends. At bath time, the younger ones are bathed in batch. Read more →

2 Paths to Focus

I had a small revelation yesterday: there are two paths to focus. One path requires constant vigilance against distraction. This path also demands great awareness of many things, knowledge, and outlandish tenacity. This is the path we recognize as heroic. The other path gets less notice, less acclaim. Those how follow this other path to focus don’t seem to try hard. These are the “naturals.” Things seem to come easy for them. Read more →

Come to Kansas City This Weekend

The Cardinals are out of town. The day before Mother’s Day is always boring. (You don’t want to go into a Mother’s Day Brunch hangin’ like Saddam Hussein, right?) So spend Friday evening and/or Saturday with Dana Loesch, Bill Hennessy, and hundreds of grassroots conservative activists at; It’s not too late to register and arrive, and everything happens at the Embassy Suites at KC International Airport: Kansas City Summit May 7-8 Read more →

How to Focus for Better Living

I once thought that focus meant you never got distracted. I was wrong. A person with a powerful focusing ability gets as distracted as the next guy. The difference is that the Focus Master has learned to recognize distraction and gently guide his thoughts or actions back to the intended task at hand. That simple skill is rare and remarkably powerful. Pay attention to every word of this two-step process: Read more →

Focased Conservatism

January 28, 2009, could go down as the day conservatives regained their focus. What the FOCA?: Some enterprising pro-lifers desiring limited government launched the “What the FOCA?” website. The site kicks some of the 1973-style slogans from the Right to Life movement, updating themes and memes for 2009. A great idea, long overdue. Visit often and donate generously if fighting rampant abortion is one of your action focuses. A (Republican) House United: Every member of the Republican House Caucus voted against Obama’s Crap Sandwich. Read more →

It Never Was There

I’m like a lot of people I know. We may be very different from you and those you know. But we’re familiar to ourselves and to each other. I’m one of those people who tried to get There. There isn’t a place; it’s a status. It’s a moment. It’s hearing that someone told someone else that you have “one of those” and they should see it. Maybe it’s the big TV or the cool cappuccino machine. Read more →

The Evil of Debt

The debtor is a slave to his lender. Americans hold hundreds of billions of dollars in credit card debt alone. To this add automobiles, student loans, mortgages, medical, and myriad personal loans and you arrive at the staggering figure of$2.55 trillion with a ’t’. This massive debt–encouraged and backed by the US Government–makes us miserable. Seriously. Are you happy? If the debtor is slave to his lender, then the US Government is slave to China and Japan. Read more →

eXtreme Programming and Good Government

Kent Beck, the genius who discovered eXtreme Programming, from whence sprang all so-called Agile methodologies, can lead us to good government. Beck, a senior consultant in the 1990s, noticed that all big software development programs began and ended the same way in the days of waterfall. Massive Requirements: Every project began with lots of highly paid people sitting in endless series of meetings aiming to document everything that a system must and should do and how. Read more →

Focused Blogging for Conservatives

Once upon a time, when blogging was fresh and new, conservative blogs dominated the top of Technorati’s most popular lists. Michelle Malkin, Powerline, and InstaPundit routinely led Talking Points and Kos. But we’ve fallen. Big time. Yesterday, Michelle was still the #1 conservative blog–at 39 overall. Huffington Post is #1, Kos is #8. Why? Reason 1: Focus Or lack thereof. The rising stars of the right aren’t necessarily political, but scientific. Read more →