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Here’s How a Mere Mortal Becomes Speaker of the House

The geniuses at Heritage Action put together a fantastic brief explaining everything you need to know about the Speaker election process. Check this out: Speaker Election Procedural Facts For the record, I’d love to see the election go to a second, third, fourth, or ninety-fifth ballot. But I don’t expect Boehner to lose. And if Boehner should lose, Gohmert might not win. The winner will need a LOT of Republican votes, and Boehner supporters won’t vote for the guy who inserted himself into the race. Read more →

Congress Adjourned and You Need a Drink

It’s the Heritage Action Christmas Party Wednesday, December 17 at 6:00 pm [caption id=“attachment_15660” align=“alignright” width=“300”]Republican Party Animal[/caption] Scarecrow in Chesterfield ( map ) Heavy Hors d’oeuvres complements of Heritage Action for America. Let’s talk about 2015 and $2.15 gasoline. You don’t have to RSVP, but we’d appreciate it. Read more →

Our Tax Code: The Fustercluck From Which Everything Rancid Crawls

William F. Buckley proposed a simple tax reform in 1973. The language barrier that separates people like Buckley from that odd species we call Congress prevented his thoughts from finding fertile soil. And in the 40 years between, the tax code has become only murkier and more dangerous. “Our tax laws were,” Buckley wrote in _Four Reforms: A Guide for the Seventies, “_designed historically to raise revenue for the operations of government. Read more →

The GOP is to Public Relations What Evel Knievel Was to Motorcycle Safety

I live in a very hilly area. Yet I’m still alive. Explain that. Maybe that’s why I’m a lower-case “r” republican and not an upper-case one. Republicans seem to feel every hill is worth dying on. What else could explain the House’s rejection of a silly payroll tax cut extension followed by a doubly-damaging capitulation? By “silly,” I mean ill-advised, inconsequential, irrational, and fiscally irresponsible. The Senate’s two-month extension of the Social Security tax cut represents the worst of Washington. Read more →

GOP: Knock Off the Symbolic Crap

Just as in 2001, some Republicans are falling for Democrat mind games. In 2001, it was the shared leadership arrangement in the Senate, even thought the GOP had the majority because of the VP tie-break. This year, it’s beginning with “bi-partisan” seating at the State of the Union address. I have one message for Republicans: Knock it the hell off. When a Democrat offers to reach across the aisle, with very few exceptions, it’s to poison a Republican. Read more →

The 112th

Four years after Nancy Pelosi swore to end deficit spending, a new Congress, elected by a grassroots surge, took office today. Our work has just begun. But we have the momentum. Here’s how we need to deal with Congress: 1. We let them know what’s important to us. 2. We defend them—individually and collectively—when they do the right thing. 3. We remind them of their purpose, promises, and limitations when they stray. Read more →

The Courage of Roy Blunt

When you vote for a candidate for high office, sometimes you do so with fingers crossed. You just don’t know how they’ll handle the new responsibilities. Will they succumb to pressure and influence? Or will they remain true? Luckily for us, Senator-elect Roy Blunt showed his courage in a recent Wall Street Journal article about the Tea Party and the GOP. In a year when voters overwhelming demanded changes to business as usual in Washington, Roy Blunt showed he has the rectitude to stand strong for the tried and true practices of obfuscation, political double-speak, and deflection. Read more →