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Dissolve the Empty See (MTC)

The Holy See is in Rome. The Empty See is in St. Louis. The Metropolitan Taxicab Commission (MTC) is a racket to protect incumbent taxicab companies. They use their power to keep St. Louis in the stone age of transportation. It’s time to dissolve the MTC. It has served its purpose and outlived its usefulness. Like the riverboat commission of the 1850s. Until then, I will do everything in my power to avoid taxis in St. Read more →

RANT: Metropolitan Taxicab Commission Is Killing Capitalism

So how to reenergize the innovation diffusion machine? This is key: “A level playing field that does not favour incumbents over entrants. Many policy measures, from environmental to fiscal measures, are designed to favour incumbents.” More entry through startups and more exit by uncompetitive incumbents. –JAMES PETHOKOUKIS, AMERICAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE The Metropolitan Taxicab Commission is a crony club for taxi company executives and their hospitality friends, and its primary purpose is to kill transportation innovation and thwart price competition. Read more →