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Romney Doesn’t Get It: Flanders Fields

Mitt Romney’s naïveté is almost cute. He thinks it’s still 1982. But it’s not cute because it’s destructive. The world has changed, and everything is ready to fall apart. See, Mitt is mad that President Donald Trump hasn’t done more to “unite” the country. Mittens wants the president to be more “unifying.” Because “trying” to unite the country would solve everything, right? But the world has changed. Americans today are as polarized as they were 1861. Read more →

Donald the Great

In less than two years, Donald J. Trump has already achieved more as President of the United States than most of his predecessors did in eight or more years.  Trump has eliminated more federal regulations than all past presidents combined Trump pushed through Congress one of the largest tax cuts in history Trump has renegotiated numerous trade agreements, including NAFTA Trump has reinvigorated American manufacturing Trump has sparked the strongest economy in US history Read more →

Trump: Morning in America Part II

When you hide the name and simply list accomplishments, any reasonable person would agree that Donald Trump has done more good for the country than any president in living memory. Economy * African-America unemployment lowest in history * Hispanic unemployment lowest in history * Female unemployment lowest in 18 years * Stock market up 35% since election * Manufacturing jobs growing for first time in decades * Steelworkers going to back to work after humiliating layoffs * Regulatory cuts have reinvigorated dying industries * Millions of new jobs planned across the country Foreign Policy & Security * [Korean peace talks](https://www. Read more →

Looking ahead to season four of Trump: The President

Scott Adams first identified Donald Trump’s greatest strength. What do you think that might be? It’s not his money or his business experience. Those are strengths, sure, but they’re not THE strength. Scott Adams believes Trump’s campaign was a movie script. Here’s what Adams wrote way, way back when Trump’s candidacy was still just a PR stunt because he had zero chance of winning even a single primary: A movie script is almost always arranged in what the professionals call a three-act form. Read more →

The Strategy That Dare Not Speak Its Name

By now you’ve heard that President Trump struck a deal with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Trump struck a deal to raise the debt ceiling. Trump struck a deal by going around Congressional Republicans. Trump struck a deal with Democrats. It’s about time, frankly. But Trump can go a lot further on this path. If I were his chief strategist, I’d tell him to go further. How far? Keep reading. Read more →

Laugh at them, not with them

The left is crying. One guy on twitter is nearly suicidal. Hoft has more. Here’s what happened. Someone posted this photo on twitter. All the sane people laughed. @realDonaldTrump retweeted. And now it’s the left’s new Russian conspiracy. I remember when all the best comedians were liberals. But the new left traded its sense of humor for baseball bats with ten penny nails. USA! Meanwhile, the pre-schoolers at CNN have their panties in a bunch because the President of the United States wore a hat emblazoned with USA. Read more →

Character and Leadership in Houston

When I watch President Trump in Texas, I am reminded of one of my favorite books. Arthur C. Brooks wrote in The Conservative Heart: There is a common misconception that conservatives are materialistic. We are not, and this confusion is a central political irony of our time. Progressives truly want to help the poor but have tried to solve poverty primarily with government money, relegating talk of culture to the past and focusing more and more on income inequality. Read more →

In 3 Minutes You’ll Be Able Fend Off Any Verbal Attack About Trump

You probably don’t believe it. You’re probably reading just to argue. But three minutes from now, you’ll be armed. Armed and ready to do verbal combat. Armed and ready to defend your Trump vote. Armed and read to win any intellectual confrontation. Think it’s impossible? Keep reading. You’ll find out defending your vote for Trump is easier than you could imagine. Your opponent will be standing there, jaw moving, lips quivering, voice lost, brain scrambled. Read more →

Regarding Jeff Sessions

I campaigned for and voted for Donald Trump. I stand 100% behind Trump today. I support Trump because he’s a fighter. He’s a man of action. Trump prosecutes his causes, he doesn’t navel gaze. Jeff Sessions is a good man. He’s a good Washington man. He has standards of decorum. Standards I admire. Trump has no standards of decorum. But I voted for Trump because history has made decorum a liability, even a vice. Read more →

First 13er President: A Gen X Independence Day

“As they reach their turn for national leadership, 13ers will produce no-nonsense winners who will excel at cunning, flexibility, and deft timing.” —Neil Howe and William Strauss, 13th Gen: Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail? I’ve written before that 2016 was the first Gen X Election. And that Donald Trump would be the first Gen X president. Not because he’s an Xer, but because he personifies our coming-of-age view of the world. Read more →