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Here’s What Marijuana Does To You

Last week’s Weednesday Post generated several comments that took my side but the facts wrong. Specifically, a couple of commenters claimed “marijuana is harmless.” That’s not true. While cannabis may be have fewer harmful effects than alcohol and tobacco, someone who abstains from all three will be healthier mentally and physically than the same person smoking pot. On the other hand, a lot proponents of prohibition throw around bad science, too. Read more →

This Is What Happens When I Blog About Cannabis Law Reform

I blog about tea party stuff 90 percent of the time. I get decent readership with those blogs, and I appreciate my loyal followers. Very much. But as long as I write about stuff only conservatives and activist libertarians care about, only conservatives and libertarians will read my blog. That means our ideas won’t escape the echo chamber we’ve been yelling in for years. When I write about the conservative/libertarian perspective on issues of wider interest, though, I bring in people who never otherwise read our views. Read more →

Here Are My Replies to Most Serious Arguments Against Ending Cannabis Prohibitions

I repeated my New Year’s Day tradition of proposing cannabis law reform in Missouri and America last Wednesday. The post has generated a lot of serious discussion. I have to thank, especially, Dennis Broadbooks and Lisa, Culture Vigilante, for raising valid issues. Many others commented as well. I will work through your comments as the blizzard rolls through this weekend. But I wanted to pull my reply to Dennis and Lisa and to link directly to their most salient comments. Read more →

The War on Weed Is Over, and Republicans Lost

The Republicans are the Leon Spinks of politics these days. Remember Leon Spinks? He beat Muhammad Ali. Then he got arrested a bunch, gained a lot of weight, and lost to Ali a few months later. He was pretty much done. And Ali was like 50 when Spinks lost to him. Spinks had the whole world served up on a plate. He tried to eat it all at once. He choked on it. Read more →

I Will Be On Panel at Show-Me Cannabis Conference April 13

Gary Weigert, State Rep. Paul Curtman, and I will share a panel at Show-Me Cannabis Reform Spring Conference Saturday, April 13 from 1:45 to 2:30 pm at the Crowne Plaza Downtown, 200 N. Fourth St. Our panel discusses the conservative case for marijuana law reform. I am honored by the invitation, and I’d love to see a big turnout of tea partiers for the event. Here’s the full schedule of events Read more →

The Weednesday Post: You Want the UN Deciding Your State’s Laws?

The United Nations wants our federal government to negate the laws of Colorado and Washington regarding marijuana. Attorney General Eric Holder mulls it over. Americans Believe In Federalism In polls, Americans are consistent: the US government must not impose its morals on states regarding marijuana. After ballot measures in Colorado and Washington approved legalization of pot, Gallup asked whether the United States should honor the will of the people. Read more →

The Weednesday Post: Guess How Much Marijuana Prohibition Costs Missouri

A lot. Marijuana prohibition costs enough to put more than 900 new police officers on the streets. Here’s the numbers from Harvard and Cato scholar Jeffrey A. Miron and marijuana law reform researcher Abhi Sivasailam (via Show-Me Cannabis): Missouri would save about $90 million in government expenditure and yield roughly $59 million in tax revenue annually. This assumes that marijuana would be taxed at rates comparable to those on alcohol and tobacco and that all other states and the federal government would also legalize. Read more →

St. Louis City Fathers Freak Out Because Police Sergeant Gary Wiegert Lobbies For Sane Marijuana Reforms

You’d think people would listen when a career police officer says we need to reform marijuana laws. But n-o-o-o-o. Not in St. Louis, anyway. Gary Wiegert is a 30+ year police officer who signed up to lobby Jefferson City on behalf of tea party issues a couple of years ago. Some people freaked out over that, but Gary was instrumental in advancing tea party issues for the past 2 years. Read more →

The WEEDnesday Post: Here’s What Happens When a Missouri Teen Gets Caught With a Little Bit of Pot

Mary is a good student, and a tad independent. At 18, she’s getting ready to graduate from a Catholic high school with honors. And every once in a while, Mary smokes pot with her friends—friends she’s had since grade school. Leaving a concert at US Bank Pavilion, Mary and her friends stop at Denny’s. In Mary’s purse is a dime bag of pot. It’s been there for weeks, and she hasn’t really thought it. Read more →

Weednesday Post: Why The GOP Needs To Champion Marijuana Law Reform

**If Republicans want to put their liberty where their mouths are, they can begin by ending the war on weed. ** When I was a kid in South St. Louis in the 70s, marijuana was the weed in the field that separated traditional post-war American values from the hippies. It was an easy black-and-white issue: smoke dope, you’re un-American. It was the Boomers against the Greatest Generation, and no one questioned the pure evil of pot. Read more →