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Our military leaders are no Pattons

Yesterday, Lee Presser made a great point in this guest post, The Only Rule of Engagement Will Be Victory. As one commenter noted: This is the best analysis of the war on terror that I have read. If we do not fight to win, we shouldn’t be in the fight. Winning the war on terror starts with 1) admitting there is a war on terror, 2) being willing to confront the enemy with force, 3) fighting to win the war rather than appease the enemy, and 4) do whatever it takes to protect Americans and their homeland. Read more →

Obama’s Utterly Incoherent Syria Strategy

Obama pitched war to a war-weary America, and all he got back was a yawn. Tonight’s speech was touted as the most important of his life. I doubt many will remember in 3 years. “I have asked Congress to find something else to do for a couple of weeks,” seemed to be the theme. Or “there’s something wrong with you people for wanting to bomb a Middle East country. I mean, they’re Muslims for God’s sake. Read more →

White House Common Sense Test Is Bassackwards

The White House admits it has no hard evidence that the Syrian government launched the alleged chemical weapons attack. Instead, White House chief of staff Denis McDonough told the Associated Press “a common sense test” implicates the Syrian government. Well, no, it doesn’t. Quite the opposite, in fact. Chemical weapons attacks are signs of desperation. But Assad’s forces have recently gained the upper hand against rebels according to numerous sources. Read more →

I Had a Nightmare

A Scenario: 1. The USA bombs Syria 2. Syria bombs Israel 3. The USA and Israel bomb Syria 4. Russia gives USA ultimatum 5. USA ignores Russia 6. Syria and Iran bomb Israel and Turkey 7. Turkey bombs Syria and Iran 8. Russia lands troops in Syria 9. USA lands troops in Lebanon 10. . Cold sweat Read more →