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NFL Losing a Laugher (Video)

Blowout. Embarrassment. Lopsided. Laugher. Humiliation. Fans are doing to the NFL what Ray Rice did to his girlfriend in that elevator. https://youtu.be/Dp47DeNAukw Bars are banning football. The VFW has condemned the NFL.  Fans are burning jerseys. American Sniper’s widow livid. Viewership is down 11% year-over-year. Fans boo players they recognize. Baltimore fans demanding Ray Lewis statue come down like he’s General Lee. Major NFL sponsors are under increasing pressure to pull ads. Read more →

Jack Kemp Stood for Civil Rights … And America

Jack Kemp is on the top of my wall of heroes. Literally. An autographed Kemp card sits on top of my bookshelf housing the works and images of my heroes. As the NFL self-destructs, it’s worth reading about Jack Kemp’s work for civil rights. And for the Republican Party. And for conservatism. Jack Kemp’s Activism Kemp did it all. And, thanks to Jeffrey Lord, we can remember Kemp’s finest moments of civil rights activism: Read more →

Villanueva Was Wrong

By now you’ve seen the photo. The iconic photo. One lone Army Ranger veteran defying his team to salute the flag during the Star-Spangled Banner. [caption id=“attachment_media-17” align=“alignnone” width=“1200”]screenshot CBS[/caption] You know that Alejandro Villanueva’s jersey and t-shirt immediately became the best-selling merchandise from the NFL’s store. Villanueva served three tours of combat duty as an Army Ranger. He’s authorized to wear the Bronze Star. He stood for his country. In Afghanistan with the Army and in Pittsburgh alone. Read more →

What Else Can You Do?

Brain damage. They all have brain damage. And they’ll likely die from it. Like Aaron Hernandez. 99 out of every 100 football players have serious brain damage. Kneeling for CTE NFL players and owners decided to show their disrespect to the flag, law enforcement, and the USA by kneeling during the national anthem. In a foreign country. The president responded by saying the NFL (and the TV networks) would be in big trouble if people stopped watching or attending games. Read more →

Franco Harris: All American

You might not know about Franco Harris. You might wonder why he’s so unhappy, like many of us are, with the NFL’s anti-American antics lately. But his wonderful heritage tells a lot about why my favorite running back respects America. His dad was an Army soldier. His dad met his mom in Italy during World War II. They married and returned to New Jersey. [Read this fantastic 1996 Baltimore Sun biography of Franco Harris. Read more →

NFL Hates Football Fans; Fire Them All

You can see the battle brewing. It’s coming to a head. And no one is telling you the real reason the NFL is dying before your eyes. Everyone sees the symptoms of football’s death spiral: empty stadiums. Crashed ratings. low quality. Criminals on the field. Some people call it “the National Felony League.” Frustrated fans look for better entertainment. Ticket sales remain high for one reason: stupid corporate executives. Stupid executives think it’s still a status symbol to control lots of NFL tickets. Read more →

Kroenke’s Brilliant Move

I figured it out about the same time Ben Hochman of the Post Dispatch did: Stan Kroenke wrote a letter designed to force the owners to move the Rams to Los Angeles right now. The acrimony created by Kroenke’s relocation request letter makes the situation in St. Louis untenable for the team and its owner. In short, Kroenke calls St. Louis a second-rate, economically depressed, crime-infest toilet of a city full of people so obsessed with baseball that no other sports franchise has the ability to compete for entertainment dollars. Read more →

Is the Cardinals’ Reign Over?

Imagine a world in which the Cardinals are not perennial champions. Major league baseball could be working on that scenario right now. The 1970s in Southwest St. Louis The Red Bird Express ran from Ivanhoe to Busch Stadium along Arsenal Street. For about seven dollars, I could get to a game and back, including bus fare, a bleacher ticket, and a hotdog and soda. My mom didn’t know how many times I made that trip, often for day games while she worked at St. Read more →

Four Reforms for the 2014-2015 St. Louis Blues

If you’re reading this, the Blues blew it. Again. I’m writing this six hours before Game 6 against the Chicago Blackhawks. If I wait to write this after the game, I’ll get a lot of complaints about foul language. Yes, I expect the Blackhawks to end the Blues’ delusions of Market Street parades this afternoon. The Blues’ tenacity, hitting, and heart can’t overcome their lack of goal scoring and playoff goaltending. Read more →

Countdown to Post-Linehan Era

Last week, Rams owner Chip Rosenbloom all but promised Rams fans that head coach Scott Linehan would be fire along with others responsible for assembling and running the worst football in the NFL. You might think that Linehan and the Rams would have opened a can of backs-against-the-wall whoopass on the 0-2 Seahawks today. They didn’t. Apparently, they fumbled the whoopass can in the locker room before the game, drenching themselves with the toxic substance. Read more →