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One thing the military teaches that business school doesn’t

“What was the biggest adjustment for you going from the military to the business world?” Several people have asked me that question, and my answer always surprises them. “In the military,” I say, “every individual has a lot more latitude and authority to act. In the business world, no one can do anything without explicit instructions.” “Really? I thought it would be the other way around,” they say. “That’s the popular culture, but the truth is one-hundred eighty degrees the other way. Read more →

One Question for Carly Fiorina

The next US President must be a great communicator. Distilling complex and controversial problems into mental models accessible to large numbers of people is not deception–it’s brilliance. The reason we hang onto sound bites isn’t because we’re stupid–it’s because we’re busy. We all don’t have time to earn masters-degree understanding of every issue facing society and government. Honest, accurate distillations of the complex ideas allow us to choose and act quickly. Read more →

What Is The Difference Between Leadership and Service?

Marine Corps officers eat last. That simple insight inspired the title of Simon Sinek’s latest book, “Leaders Eat Last.” If I could influence high school or college curricula, no one would graduate without successfully completing a semester course on that principle. Below is another remarkable video of Simon Sinek discussing how circumstances can override our desire to lead and serve and how leadership and service can fix almost any problem. But first, I’d like you think a bit more about these two critical needs: leadership and service. Read more →

You Have a New Son, America

My son Patrick (closest to the camera at a civilian’s idea of parade rest) listens to the instructions of the enlisting officer among 9 young men and women preparing to swear an oath to the Constitution of the United States. They were here to make their first commitment to the armed forces. [caption id=“attachment_16700” align=“alignleft” width=“711”]Patrick Hennessy takes the oath of enlistment at the Federal Building in St. Louis August 14, 2015. Read more →