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Hypocrisy of the Left on Self-Identification

I’ll make this brief. If we must respect (revere?) the erstwhile Bruce Jenner for self-identifying as a woman, we have to respect Rachel Dolezal for self-identifying as black. Both voluntarily left the world of privilege, as it were, to join an underclass–an identifiable minority. Jenner left manhood; Dolezal left whitehood. The left doesn’t see it that way, though. Apparently, rejecting one’s biological sex is okay, but rejecting one’s biological race isn’t. Read more →

BREAKING: Watch The Kudlow Report at 6 Central Tonight MARCH 14

I’m honored to return to The Kudlow Report tonight (Wednesday, March 14) at 6:00 pm Central (7 ET) with Larry Kudlow. I hope to talk about the GOP Presidential primaries, RomneyCare, and the Tea Party movement. Please watch if you can. Good ratings for Tea Party guests will only increase the number of Tea Party guests. Read more →

Comes Now Gloria Allred and Makes an Ass of Herself

The feminist attorney famous for making herself famous just couldn’t let the Sandra Fluke case go. Gloria Allred sent a letter to a Florida District Attorney asking him to arrest Rush Limbaugh for violation of an ancient Florida law. The statute stipulates that anyone who “speaks of and concerning any woman, married or unmarried, falsely and maliciously imputing to her a want of chastity” is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree. Read more →

Hennessy’s View of 2011

Here are the top Hennessy’s View posts of each month of 2012, scientifically selected by … me. January The Gabrielle Giffords shooting by lunatic Jerod Lee Loughner was the biggest news event of the month. The cynically attempted to use the tragedy for political gain. The left failed. February The Arab Spring began last winter. When Mubarak was on the ropes in Egypt, some questioned whether or not his fall would be good for the region and the world. Read more →

Yahoo Email Users: Check Your Spam Filters

We just received this heads up from a friend: Just a quick note that Yahoo has apparently changed their “Spam” firewall rules. You’re Tea Party updates have been showing up in my spam box for the past couple days. I can’t prove there is a conspiracy, but all of my e-mails from conservative organizations are showing up as spam while a lot of other crap is flying right through. Yahoo mail’s spam filter is supposed to be an adaptive process. Read more →

“men of good will” and other changes

Gloria in excelsis Deo. Et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis. The English version of the Roman Catholic Missal changed at the start of Advent. The new translation is truer to the Latin original. The response to “The Lord be with you,” change to “And with your spirit” from “and also with you.” The Latin, et cum spiritu tuo translates exactly into “and with your spirit.” Another change that thrills conservative Catholics, is the consecration. Read more →

Who Would Call Out Maxine Waters? Martin Baker Would

Martin Baker, candidate for Missouri’s 1st Congressional District, lays it on the line, challenging Tea Party critics Maxine Waters and Frederica Wilson. Read Martin’s challenge: Today, I am inviting both of these distinguished ladies to St Louis, Missouri to tell me and my Tea Party compatriots in person why we should go straight to Hell. Congresswoman Waters should know the way here, having been born and raised in our esteemed area and a graduate of Vashon High School, which is in the St Louis Public School District. Read more →