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Hennessy’s View is now 255 on Wikio’s Political Blog rankings. I know that’s nothing compared to Gateway Pundit. After 10 years of blogging, though, it’s nice to crack some list somewhere. If you’d like to see me move higher on this list, please use the social buttons below. Also, please tell me why you read Hennessy’s View in the comments. Thanks, again, for a great Christmas present.

3 Events Coming Up

I am very honored by the invitations I get to speak to various clubs and organizations around Greater St. Louis, including Illinois. This August, I have the chance to meet two groups and to guest host a radio show. On August 18, I’ll speak to the Meramec Township Republican Committee. On August 26, I’ll be speaking at the North County Republican Club meeting at Yac’s Restaurant at 407 Dunn Rd. in Florissant.
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Why We Took a Stand Against the NAACP

Sometimes it is personal. Beginning with a simple blog post in February 2009, the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition has attracted over 40,000 people to dozens of events and online crusades. The vast majority of these folks represent America’s highest ideals in character and citizenship. We are educated, polite, and patriotic. We are stand-up people who fix our own problems and earn our own livings. We are not perfect, of course, but we understand that no one else can live our lives for us.
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Go Israel

No, I’m not a war monger. But peace is not the absence of war. It’s the presence of peace. If you live in Israel, you are not at peace. You are at war. War against a massive body of people who want to destroy you before they move on to destroy Christendom. If Christendom doesn’t destroy itself first. So let’s all thank Israel for standing tall on the front lines of this epic battle between good and evil.
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Grading my prediction for 2009

On December 28, 2008, I published my predictions for 2009. I should have graded myself in January, but I was still on hiatus from Hennessy’s View. So let’s take a look. The Dow: The Dow trades within a range of 1,000 points with a daily average closing of 8,500. Grade: D. The average would be a pain to figure out, but it looks like it was closer 9800. GDP and Economy: By July, everyone pretty much calls the situation “Great Depression II.
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Want to see the signing of the Declaration of Independence?

Here’s your chance. At the Farmington, MO, Centene Center on May 14 at 7:00 p.m. (click for map and directions) No admission, but I’ll bet the organizers would appreciate a donation to help the cause. Thanks and congratulations to We the People of Farmington, MO.

Graduation, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day . . .

** ![](https://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31yJsUQXBOL._SL160_.jpg) * [Zen Conservatism](https://www.amazon.com/Zen-Conservatism-Reclaim-liberty-without/dp/1449959040%3FSubscriptionId%3D0JTCV5ZMHMF7ZYTXGFR2%26tag%3Dhennesssview-20%26linkCode%3Dxm2%26camp%3D2025%26creative%3D165953%26creativeASIN%3D1449959040), my latest book, is available for the early Summer gift season. * Find out how to win the war for America’s future without losing your mind. (And, yes, I do need to follow my own advice more often. ;-))* * It’s available from Amazon right now. *

How to Rock Freedom

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgU7T2au2Wg&hl;=en_US&fs;=1&color1;=0x2b405b&color2;=0x6b8ab6&border;=1] Wow. A former Ambassador and candidate for Missouri State Auditor. And a Stones fan.

Junk Bond

John is a Vietnam veteran and retired business executive. He loves America and hates to see what’s happened in Washington the past few years. He believes in liberty and Constitutional limitations on government growth. He called the Tea Party just to vent and to see if it’s just him. Recently, John had called Senator Kit Bond’s (R-MO) office in Washington. He wanted to know whether stories that Bond had signed off a $659 million earmark for soy bean farmers were true.
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Overwhelm the Nazis

The American Nazis are holding a rally on the Arch grounds at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 18. The Anti-Defamation League is sponsoring a counter-rally in Forest Park at the same time. I will be at Forest Park. So I have some strong disagreements with some of the sponsoring organizations of the counter-rally. Big deal. If the point of the counter-rally is to oppose Nazism, then I can easily look past those differences for a couple of hours.
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