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How To Ruin a Perfectly Good Joke

If you talk long enough, you can butcher the best joke in the world–even the one from Monty Python that the Allies used to win WWII. https://youtu.be/ienp4J3pW7U Tuesday night at a Tea Party meeting, I managed to destroy a joke of my own, poor making, and insult a friend at the same time. That takes talent. Or … something. So, first, let me apologize to Adam Sharp, the best indy video journalist alive, since he was the victim of my horrible comedic delivery. Read more →

If You Don’t Comment Today, You’ll Be Deleted From Hennessy’s View

If you registered as a user but never commented AND you want to continue getting an email notification when new blogs are posted, all you have to do is COMMENT on this blog. Say anything, like “don’t delete me, bro.” Here’s why: my blog has about 8,000 registered users. That sounds great, I know, but it’s not. Most of these registered users are zombies. They were created by a spam bot so the bot could post spam comments. Read more →

I’m Glad I Sent a Text Last Night

SMS Text might have been Chip Gerdes’s art form. Text chats with Chip, usually late at night, were always lively, argumentative, funny, irreverent, and delightful. Chip and I texted back and forth until midnight last night. During that chat, I made a commitment to take a trip to Quincy and see him. We both looked forward to it. Our reunion was delayed. The first time I met Chip was in front of Rep. Read more →

How 2012 Might Have Been

Republican Presidential Primaries The Republican Primary season was already well underway. Before a single caucus or vote, though, we pretty much knew that Mitt Romney would win the nomination. He had the entire Republican establishment behind him, including true conservatives who wanted a “safe” candidate. We know how that worked out. What might have been had a strong conservative emerged in 2011? What if someone without baggage had prepared years in advance for a run against the weakened, staggering Obama? Read more →

Changes at Hennessy’s View

Looks different, doesn’t it? After hosting my own web sites forever, I’m trying to simplify my server admin life. I’m moving Hennessy’s View to another service from my own servers. The difference you should see is the theme. (I’m tired of the minimalism.) Also, some archives from before 2010 might be missing for a while. They’ll catch up soon enough. Thanks UPDATE In addition to the changes above, a couple of comments posted during the upgrade have been lost. Read more →

Call Me “Apologist”

The Washington Post’s headline writer made a common mistake on Sunday. He confused “one who apologizes” with “apologist.” An easy mistake, no doubt, for most of us. Professional headline writers should know better. So should Glenn Kessler, the author of the WP story. The claim that Obama is an apologist for the nation began to take shape shortly after he became president. An apologist is “one who speaks or writes in defense of someone or something. Read more →

Guess Who the Puritans Are?

Some center-right people take their ball and go home. Guess who? Since the 2010 election, we’ve heard from the Establishment (GOP, MSM, DNC) that Tea Partiers are too puritanical. The elitist theory holds that Tea Partiers demand doctrinaire allegiance to some engraved-granite list of principles. Stray from that list, and the Tea Party will hunt you down like a dog in the street and beat you with a Wiffle Ball bat until you pee blood for a week. Read more →

What are the Perfect Ingredients of Great Book?

Writers are always looking for the perfect topic for a book. But there’s a problem. What’s important to me may not be important to you. And what you to read about, I might not care about. That’s why great books achieve a certain universality. They touch on the essence of life itself, of humanity itself, of existence. Some say that the secret to perfectly spellbinding stories is a mixture of just three elements: sex, food, and spirit. Read more →

Am I an Idiot?

For most of my life I was naïve. I think. I thought that most people who voted for larger government, higher taxes, tighter regulation, and limits on speech, religion, and assembly, were misguided. I’ve always known and acknowledged that the people who advocated and plotted to concentrate power in the hands of a few were wicked creatures. I never hesitated to attack them head-on. But the others. The others I sometimes pitied. Read more →

Apologies to Seth Godin and His Readers

I tried to manually trackback to Seth Godin’s post on TV from this post. Between WordPress’s false negatives on reporting success of links, my laptop’s touchy touchpad, and Typepad’s weird trackback URL system, I managed to: a. Link once to the wrong blog post b. Link twice to the right blog post I pride myself on being respectful of blogging etiquette. I hate trackback spam. I hate it even more when I’m the one creating it. Read more →