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Counselling Sessions

Eight months into the Trump Administration, one cabinet appointment stands out as a flop: Attorney General Jeff Sessions. We all had a lot of hope. Back in January. Hope. Hope for the Trump administration. Hope for American greatness. And hope for justice. If you’re a Tea Partier, you had a lot of hope. Jeff Sessions looked like the ultimate pick for Attorney General. Conservatives berated Mitch McConnell to accelerate Sessions’ confirmation by the Senate. Read more →

Here’s What Chris Christie Got Right

I stand by my assessment that Chris Christie’s leadership and management played a role in the retaliatory shutdown of Fort Lee’s access lanes to the George Washington Bridge. Yesterday,I compared the GWB scandal to several Obama scandals. I pointed out that conservatives must apply the same standards to Christie as we did to Obama when the IRS scandal broke. Today, let’s look at Christie’s response and contrast it to Obama’s. Read more →

There Were No Rogue Agents In the IRS Scandal

They were all looking at me. Staring, actually. I looked around the silent sales room. No one blinked. They were all stunned. For twenty minutes, I’d laid on a coating of bullshit that would have made Bill Clinton cringe. And it worked. I sold a year of lawn care to a woman who, at first, thought our service was an environmental menace. “Do you know Dr. Peter Raven?” I asked. Read more →