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Did Mark and Andrew Madoff Profit from Bernie’s Crimes?

Many people say, “you shouldn’t punish children for sins of the parent.” That’s something we firmly believe as Americans. The US Constitution even prohibits “corruption of blood.” Corruption of blood refers to laws that pass guilt genetically from generation to generation. I think we can all agree that punishing children for their parents’ crimes is un-American. But what about children who profit from their parents’ crimes? Should they be allowed to keep the booty? Read more →

Guest Post: Open the borders … to those who want to help

Lee A. Presser The American people get to decide who moves into the United States. If immigrants are coming for a free meal, we don’t need them. If immigrants are coming for free healthcare, we don’t need them. If immigrants are coming for free housing, we don’t need them. If immigrants are coming and their presence in the United States increases the public debt, we definitely don’t need them. If immigrants come here to improve their lives and the lives of their family members WITHOUT becoming a burden on American society, we will seriously consider their application. Read more →