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Politics Is War By Other Means

WAR IS A MERE CONTINUATION OF POLICY BY OTHER MEANS. Good old Clausewitz. Best book on war ever written. (The Art of War was about something else.) But the 21st century has reversed his famous line. Politics has become war by other means. Germany has a history of waging wars of conquest. World War I. World War II. The Greek bailout. As Stratfor’s George Friedman explains: And with this, the Germans did something they never wanted to do: resurrect fairly unambiguously the idea that Germany is the sovereign and dominant nation-state in Europe, and that it has the power and the will to unilaterally impose its will on another nation. Read more →

Chili Palmer

The greatest mob movie of all time was Get Shorty. (Please, don’t argue.) The whole movie revolved around this exchange: Ronnie Wingate: Excuse me bro’, but who the fuck are you? Chili Palmer: I’m the one tellin’ you how it is… Last Sunday, Greece was Chili Palmer. A few days later, Angela Merkel is. Funny how things change. You probably heard that Greece’s Prime Minister called for a referendum on the troika’s terms. Read more →