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Pray for Our Nation

I can’t believe I missed it. A 54-day novena for our nation. It ends on October 7 with the Rosary Coast-to-Coast. Which means it started before I learned of either. But that’s okay. You don’t have to do the novena to do say the Rosary. Just show up at any of the Rosary stations around the area at 3:00 on October 7. I’m helping organize one location at the Black Madonna Shrine in Eureka/Pacific area. Read more →

This Day Comes Only Once a Year

But the urgency of this moment comes only twice per millennium. Will you be there? On October 7, Christians around the world will unsheathe the most powerful weapon with which God has ever armed his people. We will, together, wage a great battle in the spiritual war of our age. What is this weapon? What is the spiritual war? If you’re paying attention at all, you know the spiritual war we’re all in. Read more →

Rosary Coast-to-Coast October 7—Pray for America! UPDATE

The holy Rosary is a powerful weapon! St. Josemaria Escriva On Sunday, October 7 at 3:30 p.m. Central (and simultaneously across the USA and the whole world), millions will say the Rosary in unison. Will you join us? We are at war. A war without borders, where no man is exempt but where most haven’t recognized, let alone been trained, to fight. Casualties often go unseen, but very few are left unwounded. Read more →

What the World Needs Now

Unless you’re training a young puppy, you don’t think about it very often. A few decades ago, it still applied to the training of young humans, but that’s passè now. Yet, of all the minor virtues, this one seems the most lacking, the most valuable, and most difficult for libertarians like me. I’m thinking of obedience. My Lesson in Obedience Obedience, like many other virtues, is easy to talk about and difficult to execute. Read more →

How God Uses Dogs

Stella Is My Teacher This is probably disturbing to theologians and apologists, but it makes sense to me. When I struggle with how to relate personally to Christ, I think of the way my dog relates to me. And when I wonder how God feels about me, I think about how I feel about my dog. Dogs treat their people the way we’re supposed to treat God. And we respond to dogs in a way that teaches us how God responds to us. Read more →

The Little Girl in Cory Booker

A faction in America seems hellbent on destroying the country in order to save it from Donald Trump. What do we owe them? For many years, I wrote and preached that we owe them contempt and anger. That we must fight them tooth and nail. And that we must prevail. And we did. And our victories led to bigger battles. The thrill of victory proved fleeting. Don’t you hope for a victory that lasts? Read more →

The Kavanaugh Conniption

Judging by the hateful behavior of the materialistic left, you’d think Judge Brett Kavanaugh has a history of driving around neighborhoods and stopping to strangle puppies in front of their 5-year-old masters. There was Kamala Harris’s outburst at the start of the hearings. There was Cory Booker’s sad and embarrassing Spartacus moment which was like a failed scene in a forgotten Woody Allen movie. Now, the left’s hate groups are complaining that the Democrats didn’t go far enough. Read more →

But What If the Holy Father Is Right?

You might think I’ve been pretty hard on Pope Francis lately. I’ve questioned whether his refusal to deny Archbishop Viganò’s accusations. And I’ve indicated that, if the allegations are true, the pope’s resignation might be the best thing for the Church. Please understand that my posts are about seeking justice for the many victims of this scandal, includes the many faithful who never directly abused by a priest but, nonetheless, have been harmed by the scandal. Read more →