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It Must Suck to be an Incumbent

Whether you’re the party darling or the federal office holder, 2010 is shaping up to be your last year in politics. In Kentucky, Tea Party Republican, Rand Paul, opened a can of whoop-ass on Republican party favorite, Trey Grayson. No single race proves the strength or impact of the Tea Party, but races like Paul’s demonstrate that the right candidate with the right campaign team with the strong backing of the Tea Party and 9-12 Project can blow away the party candidate. Read more →

Obama Caves to Fanatical Left

Obama Intelligence Pick Torpedoed By Bloggers - FOXNews.com Transition Tracker John Brennan, Obama’s chief intelligence adviser and anticipated CIA chief, was recently forced to withdraw his name. There was no drumbeat of opposition to Brennan from the front pages or on cable. Rather, the pick was torpedoed by the blogosphere. “Apparently there is a lot of pressure on the Obama team from a blog saying that Brennan couldn’t be made the director of the CIA because he was involved in torture and renditions, which he wasn’t,” said Mark Lowenthal, former assistant CIA director. Read more →

Particularly Beware This Boy

It turns out, according to a Zogby poll to be released in its entirety today, that most Obama voters are woefully, frighteningly, and unforgivably ignorant of the basic facts of government and of Barack Obama himself. Not surprising. Dickens warned us of the dangers of ignorance in “A Christmas Carol“: Suddenly, Scrooge noticed something strange about the ghost. Two children-like figures were at the ghost’s feet - a boy and a girl. Read more →

He Gives a Damn Good Concession Speech

Holy crap! That was the best speech McCain ever delivered. It was heartfelt and powerful. It was moving. It was … remarkable. And it reminded me of a great reason to celebrate. Let me explain. I was born in 1963 when there were still “Colored” and “White” drinking fountains. Obama’s a few years older. Tonight, despite my best efforts and many others, we have a black President. That’s amazing in a very good way. Read more →

Quartermaster, Mark the Time

At 8:18 p.m. CST, democracy in America ended. The people have spoken. We are now a socialist country. Good night, comrades. The 2nd American Revolution begins tomorrow. Technorati Tags: America surrenders,socialism Read more →

8:00 PM CST: Update: Brit Hume is drunk. Self-government remains on life-support

Fox New just called Ohio for Obama, meaning McCain is mathematically eliminated. UPDATE: Looks like Obama has won Florida. Michigan and Minnesota have gone communist, joining Wisconsin. UPDATE: Why is Major Garrett interviewing Adolf Hitler? UPDATE 8:05: Senate Calls (that matter) John Barrasso ® wins special election in Wyoming; Mike Enzi ® wins re-election; Republican Pat Robert wins re-election in Kansas; Tim Johnson (D) wins re-election in SD; Dems pick up Pete Dominici’s Senate seat in New Mexico (Dems +4); Jeff Session retains his seat, as does Thad Cochran (both Republicans); the special election for Senate in Mississippi too close to call, but the Republican leads. Read more →

7:30 PM CST: Could be the last half-hour of self-government Scroll for Updates Exit polls over-sampled Obama voters by 10 percent in Virginia

The chair from which George Washington presided over the Constitutional Convention had, at the head of its back, a carved image of the sun. When the Convention concluded with the Constitution, Madison wrote, Benjamin Franklin said, “I have often looked at that behind the president without being able to tell whether it was rising or setting. But now I… know that it is a rising…sun.” Tonight it is a setting sun. Read more →

Moderate Republicans Killing the Party

It should be clear by now, but I figured I’d point it out: Idiots like the editors of National Review, Christopher Buckley, and Peggy Noonan need to retire. Republican moderates, including McCain, are getting their rear-ends kicked, and they’re taking self-government with them. The only way to defeat leftism is with hard core conservatism. The debate is over. Technorati Tags: election results,moderate republicans Read more →

7:00 PM CST: Could be the last hour of self-government

In the next hour, Obama could win Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, Missouri, and/or other states. Any combination of Florida or Pennsylvania, and one of the others will end McCain’s chances of winning. What’s the appropriate song to sing when democracy dies? Sam played, “As time goes by” as the Germans marched into Paris. Maybe that’s the song. The Germans, by the way, wore gray. Will Obama wear blue? UPDATE 7:06: MSNBC calls Pennsylvania for Obama, but the link is to Hotair because I won’t link to the commie bastards at MSNBC. Read more →

Breaking News: Philadelphia Set Voting Record

Philadelphia, PA– Philadelphia today saw the most votes cast in the city’s history as measured by percentage and raw numbers. Oddly enough, only about 4,000 people actually showed up at polling places to cast votes. “It was remarkably efficient,” said Philly Mayor Nutter (D). “We managed to break voting records without forcing people to leave work early or find the polling places. This is a model for the country.” For the numbers, 127 percent of the eligible voters were represented in the final number, and nearly 1,800,000 votes cast. Read more →