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America’s Business is Jobs, Not College

Many of us are guilty. I am, too. You, probably. In high school (and after) we mocked the kids who took shop. The “greasers” who got credit for wrenching on cars or welding or making cabinets. It was the 1980s and shop, along with home economics, became an elective in most schools. Until the 80s, some practical life skill class was a requirement at most American public and parochial high schools. Read more →

Are abortionists manipulating Mizzou’s black athletes?

A few Mizzou football players announced they’re boycotting all sports activities until University of Missouri system president Tim Wolfe quits or is fired. Considering the football team’s dismal performance, the cynic in me wonders if sitting out might help the players’ chances of getting an NFL draft. The players and other African-American students at Mizzou believe they are victims of “systematic oppression” and they want Tim Wolfe to fix it simply by resigning. Read more →

Schools Don’t Need More Technology–They Need Less

I was on my high school’s board of education for a year. It was quite an honor, honestly, but I screwed it up. At the time, I was a software architect. They put me on the board as the technology guy. I was supposed to make the case for more funding for smart boards and other tech stuff. But I said kids really don’t need more technology in school. Technology, I said, was like sex education: they’ll get more than they can handle on the streets or watching TV. Read more →

Rockwood School Board Quid Pro Quo?

From the “see, I told ya so” file … Rockwood NEA President Suzanne Dotta worked hard to influence the recent school board election. The candidates Ms. Dotta pushed won. The new board hired Ms. Dotta as Director of Professional Learning within 72 hours of the election. I expect Ms. Dotta to teach Rockwood’s professionals how to game the system for personal gain at taxpayer expense. If you’d like to question this apparent quid pro quo, the next Rockwood Board meeting is April 24. Read more →

Eileen Tyrrell Is Only Rockwood Candidate In It For All Stakeholders

Eileen Tyrrell is the only candidate who represents ALL the stakeholders in Rockwood School District. While other candidates focus on more money for the system, Eileen focuses on using Rockwood’s (embarrassingly) ample resources better. Here’s what you need to ask youself: Do you plan to fulfill your duty to vote on April 8? What time of day do you plan to vote? Where will be and what will you be doing immediately before you go to vote? Read more →

1.2 Million Reasons to Vote for Eileen Tyrrell on April 8

Do you live in Rockwood School District? I do. My kids all went to Rockwood schools. My wife taught in a Rockwood school for three years. The teachers in Rockwood tend to think a lot like the people who live here. They’re not a bunch of wacked-out lefties. Not most of them. Still, that good education has come with HUGE price tag. Rockwood is one of the most expensive districts in Missouri. Read more →

And the inspiring truth about teachers

Samantha. She’s the daughter every parent hopes for. Diligent. Dedicated. Kind to a fault. Smart. Hard working. Loyal. Prettier than she knows. She gets it from her mother. She’s about to graduate from college and become a teacher. Like her mom. She doesn’t need a union. She is a union. With her mom. And a million others. They care. And try. And teach. Or try. Your kid would be blessed to walk into Sam’s classroom one day. Read more →

The Devastating Truth About Teachers’ Unions

The stronger the union the weaker the learnin’. According to Harvard Business Review, students learn less in states with stronger teachers’ unions. A 1-standard-deviation rise in teachers’ union dues per teacher is associated with a 4% fall in student proficiency rates, according to a study of 721 U.S. school districts in 42 states by Johnathan Lott of the University of Chicago Law School and Lawrence W. Kenny of the University of Florida. Read more →

If You Vote in Kirkwood School District, Listen Up

In the past 15 years, Kirkwood School Districts operation costs have skyrocketed almost 100 percent. But the people paying the taxes for that district have seen a cost of living increase of only 44 percent. Obviously, at some point, the system will crash. Unless you do something now. On April 2, you can elect two fiscally responsible members to the board of education. Eric Peterson and Amy Russell Here’s what you should do: Read more →

Here’s The Dirty Little Secret About Teachers Nobody Is Telling You About

I know a teacher pretty well, and I know nasty little secrets she’s not telling. She sneaks out of bed at 4:45 every morning. No one else is up. No one’s watching her. At that hour, she can do whatever she wants without consequence. She sneaks downstairs and puts on her make-up in front of the TV. She also encrypts mysterious lesson plans into a little black book. Names and numbers. Read more →