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Terrible Day for NeverTrump—Great Day for the Constitution

One way to summarize Donald Trump’s first business day in office is to say he followed through on many, many campaign promises. Another way to look at it is that Trump slaughtered NeverTrump. Both explanations are accurate, but one is the cause, the other the effect. First, you know I pay very little attention to Facebook. Too much craziness over there. But friends of mine do occasionally send me screen shots of things they find outrageous. Read more →

John Roberts Switched His Vote Under Outside Pressure

It won’t look like decay to many. John Roberts will be the toast of the political class for years to come. He’ll attend all the prettiest events with the prettiest people. Barbara Streisand will have him out to her massively carbon-releasing Hollywood mansion. The Washington Post intelligentsia will place his bust in its pantheon of The Evolved. He might even golf with Bill and Obama. But beneath the black robe grows a dark stain on his soul. Read more →

Obama, Obamacare and the Supreme Court

First, my prediction: 1) Is Obamacare a tax? (8-1 Against) Technically speaking, if Obamacare is a tax, it could be non-justiciable until implementation. However, judicial precedence suggests the courts may review a tax before its implementation in certain circumstances. The Government did not even want to argue that Obamacare was a tax, so the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) appointed a separate attorney to make the argument. The only SCOTUS justice that appeared to entertain this line was Justice Breyer. Read more →

It’s Impossible to Exaggerate the Historical Importance of the Supreme Court’s ObamaCare Decision

When the Supreme Court releases its opinion on the ObamaCare case, America will change fundamentally. This is the most important case to the future of the republic since the Great Depression or the Civil War. If the court upholds ObamaCare, it will end the principle of government limited by a written Constitution. Anthony Kennedy and Antonin Scalia said as much. A vote by Kennedy to uphold the legislation, then, would be a vote for unlimited government power. Read more →

Where Were You When Obama Nullified the Constitution?

Most Americans know more about forensic evidence in the Casey Anthony case than they do about the Constitution. That ignorance gave Barack Obama the hubris to end constitutional government in the United States. He did it, and you probably didn’t even notice. Over the course of a week, Barack Obama made a series of so-called recess appointments. In the process, he and his henchmen in Eric Holder’s Justice Department effectively nullified the US Constitution. Read more →