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Trump Meant It All

Trump’s enemies took refuge in the self-created narrative that his campaign was 100% American showmanship. The crooked press and the corrupt establishment, while dissing Trump publicly, scoffed privately. They “knew” his supporters were idiots and yahoos—marginally functional Neanderthals from America’s unreconstructed backwoods whose ability to think, handicapped by genetics, was further crippled by the moonshine distilled in the shed behind their putrid outhouse for personal consumption by their incest-ridden family of knuckle-dragging racist homophobes. Read more →

Welcome to the America of Our Dreams

Jim Durbin called me this evening. “Are you excited?” he asked. Jim was in the crowd at the very first Tea Party in St. Louis, February 27, 2009. A cold Friday. He and more than a thousand other folks took off work and school to see what this protest was all about. Like so many others, Jim knew America needed a change. A big one. A change built on the hopes and dreams and fierce independence of ordinary people. Read more →


Momentum is the mass and velocity of an object. The object is the American ideology. The impetus is the conservative grassroots. The velocity is medium. The direction is right. The tactics and tools to keep the dominos falling to the right might change, but the energy and ideals don’t. What brought you out to the tea parties, to the street parties, to the lit drops, and to the door knocking and phone banking parties must carry you forward in 2011 and 2012. Read more →

Cincinnati Tea Party HUGE

Michelle Malkin has impressive photos from the Cincinnati Tea Party. Thousands upon thousands of angry tax payers. Perhaps they were spurred on by Barack Obama’s accusation that anyone who has done well financially in the past 8 years is a criminal who will be punished. Directly from his budget, page 5: While middle-class families have been playing by the rules, living up to their responsibilities as neighbors and citizens,_ those at the commanding heights of our economy have not_. Read more →

Get Your Tax Day Tea Party Apparel and Stickers

The St. Louis Tax Day Tea Party store is open! Proceeds will keep the movement going forward. This is a 10-round fight that will bring about a truly conservative House of Representatives in 2010. You’ve already done much just by visiting this site and attending the rallies. Now, show the whole world that you’re fed up with an irresponsible, tax-and-spend government that has grown beyond the consent of the governed. Read more →

Tell the World You Support the Tea Party Movement

Cafe Press has dozens of shirts, stickers, and mugs that let you tell the world you belong to the Tea Party Movement. The lefties proudly wear their Che t-shirts and those idiotic coexist bumper stickers. Conservatives shy away from Public Displays of Protest. NO LONGER! While we’re brewing up some St. Louis-flavored Tea Party logos, grab the generics now. You’re kids will thank you some day. Technorati Tags: tea party,spirit wear Read more →

Post-Dispatch Out of Touch (no matter what Eric Mink says)

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch was once a powerful, respected cornerstone of the Pulitzer publishing company. Today, it’s little more than a community newspaper. Some near-tomorrow, it will go the way of Rocky Mountain News. Its demise can be traced in large measure to the arrogance of its editorial board. Take Eric Mink. This is a man who rose through the organization by leveling unfair, nearly libelous attacks on anyone who deviated from Mink’s party line. Read more →

Obama’s Approval in Free Fall

[caption id=“” align=“alignleft” width=“405” caption=“Obama’s Approval Free Fall”][/caption] Barack Obama is now less popular than George W. Bush at the same point in their respective presidencies according to Rasmussen. The poll also indicates that deficits are more important to Americans than anything else. This could be the result of theTea Party movement which drew more than 30,000 people in 40 cities to take to the streets over the weekend. At this rate, Obama’s overall popularity will turn net negative this time next week. Read more →

Tax Day Tea Party and other news

UPDATE: NOTHING TENTATIVE ABOUT IT Repeal the Pork and Cut Taxes The next Tea Party event is April 15: Tax Day. Learn more at Tax Day Tea Party. Register for the St. Louis event on FaceBook today. Tell your friends. Possible locations include the Old Courthouse in St. Louis, the Federal Reserve Building, and several others. LOCATION: KIENER PLAZA, St. Louis, MO 63101 Repeal the Pork and Learn the Constitution Read more →