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Jack Kemp Stood for Civil Rights … And America

Jack Kemp is on the top of my wall of heroes. Literally. An autographed Kemp card sits on top of my bookshelf housing the works and images of my heroes. As the NFL self-destructs, it’s worth reading about Jack Kemp’s work for civil rights. And for the Republican Party. And for conservatism. Jack Kemp’s Activism Kemp did it all. And, thanks to Jeffrey Lord, we can remember Kemp’s finest moments of civil rights activism: Read more →

Spy Tactics for Conservatives: 7 Easy Steps to Protect Yourself

You are a target. They want you dead. You are a conservative activist. They call themselves “progressives.” You want to live. And you want to remain active in politics. They want you dead. Or submissive. Like a slave. Or a battered woman. No, you can’t attack them. You shouldn’t engage them. They’re rabid animals. Neither reason nor normal persuasion can change progressives from their deadly habits. So what do you do? Read more →

Mark Calendars: Tea Party for Trump August 28 @ 4:00 p.m. UPDATE

We’re having a Tea Party. It’s time. Everybody’s onboard. Now, we need you at the** Tea Party for Trump, Sunday, August 28 at 4;00 p.m. at Surdyke Harley Davidson in Festus, MO**. (Hey, hey, hey—it’s only 20 minutes from South County.) And the band is getting back together (mostly). Expect many simultaneous Tea Party for Trump events across the country.  FREE TICKETS ARE LIMITED. GET YOUR FREE TICKETS NOW Read more →

Look for Print Version of Fight to Evolve on April 14

Thank you, so much, for asking. (So many have asked.) Fight to Evolve: The Government’s Secret War on NTX will be available in print on April 14. Just go to amazon.com and search for Fight to Evolve. If you can’t wait (and there’s no reason to wait) you can buy the Kindle edition right now. It’s already #2 bestseller on censorship in the Kindle store. Amazon offers FREE Kindle readers for just about every device: Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. Read more →

Activist Ron Calzone Sues Missouri Over Omnibus Bill

Without comment … Jefferson City, MO, May 29, 2015 - A lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Senate Bill 672, passed by the Missouri General Assembly in 2014, was filed in Cole County circuit court on May 29th. The lawsuit claims that the General Assembly ignored the constitutional limits to their legislative authority. The Missouri Constitution includes clauses that prohibit legislators from changing the purpose of a bill, including multiple subjects in one bill, or passing a “special law” that fails to treat everyone equally. Read more →

It’s a Beautiful Spring Day, And Dellena Struggles to Stay In Business

We metDellena Jones during our first Ferguson BUYcott in August. Since then, St. Louis Tea Partier, Dottie Bailey, has made it her mission to help Dellena’s business survive and flourish. https://youtu.be/r-ye3nSe2Vk Dellena’s business has fallen 60 percent since the first riots. She’s repaired the damage to her salon, but business is slow. Despite all her challenges, Dellena still found the time and energy to host Center for Self-Governance training in her shop on a Saturday, foregoing that day’s revenue to learn about freedom and responsibility. Read more →

What the hell got me involved in politics to begin with?

Paul Hamby asked a question last month. I was only one of the many he asked, and, being the rude bastard I am sometimes, I took a month to reply. And being lazy, I figured I should get a blog post out of it. So here’s my answer to the question “who inspired you to get involved in politics?” In the Summer of 74, I was between 3rd and 4th grade (I think). Read more →

How to Shame House Republican Leadership On Immigration ACTION

[scroll to updates] And, yes, “House Republican Leadership” is a code word for Ann Wagner. Every victorious Republican ran on a promise to aggressively check Obama’s illegal executive actions. They weren’t all lying. Only the “leaders” lied. House leadership is trying to weasel out of its commitment to voters to block Obama’s illegal activities. The House can easily** attach a rider to the upcoming spending bill** prohibiting any money from going toward Obama’s 10 illegal illegal alien memoranda. Read more →

John Diehl Doesn’t Want You to Know There’s a Big Press Conference Tuesday

My phone and inbox lit up all morning. Missouri Republicans are FREAKING OUT that Speaker Apparent John Diehl could go down to defeat at the hands of conservative/libertarian grassroots activists. The freak-out is over a press conference in Queeny Park at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 30. [map] I heard of the Stop Diehl project last week. On Saturday, mostly Republican volunteers began a door-to-door campaign in Diehl’s district to block re-election. Read more →


DON’T STOP SHOPPING! The Buycott is underway. Great turnout on Thursday. Fantastic support from the media. Even Senator Claire McCaskill joined the buycott. Read all about it here. In the meantime, keep shopping Ferguson/Dellwood if you get the chance. And make an appointment on your calendar to shop Ferguson/Dellwood on Labor Day Weekend. Have out-of-town guests? Take them on a tour and have a meal in one of the great restaurants in the area. Read more →