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Particularly Beware This Boy

It turns out, according to a Zogby poll to be released in its entirety today, that most Obama voters are woefully, frighteningly, and unforgivably ignorant of the basic facts of government and of Barack Obama himself. Not surprising. Dickens warned us of the dangers of ignorance in “A Christmas Carol“: Suddenly, Scrooge noticed something strange about the ghost. Two children-like figures were at the ghost’s feet - a boy and a girl. Read more →

Survey: Environmental Cost of Plastics

Please take a quick, 10-question survey on the environmental cost of plastics. This survey is for an environmental science class, and will help me get a good grade. Please forward this link to anyone you know might want to help me with this survey. I need at least 25 responses, but the more, the merrier. https://hennessysview.plastics.sgizmo.com Thanks, in advance, for your help. Technorati Tags: Plastics,eduction,environment Read more →

Quashing Thought

Does your college freshman attend mandatory thought indoctrination camps? Is he formally and publicly humiliated by the university if his view on gay marriage, global warming, or affirmative action differ from Barrack Obama’s? Doe his college or university punish him for holding opinions that are inconsistent with the Democrat Underground and other anti-American hate groups? If he attends University of Delaware, the answer is “yes.” Thanks to Joanne Jacobs on Pajama’s Media (h/t The Discerning Texan), we learn that Delaware is holding liberal, Soviet-style thought control experiments on its students, for which its faculty and administration should be taken out and shot. Read more →