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Mizzou Protests Were About Abortion All Along

I hate to say “I told you so.” But the St. Louis Post Dispatch has found that I may have been right on November 8. That’s when I made the outlandish comment that the whole race issue at Mizzou is actually an abortion issue. I suspected that Planned Parenthood’s vast lobbyist network is agitating leaders of left-leaning organizations trying to create general unrest. The manipulators would use campus racial unrest to demand restored privileges for Planned Parenthood. Read more →

DESE: The original box of rocks that nothing is dumber than

Related articles According to research from Missouri Education Watchdog, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) agreed to surrender Missouri’s education voice under Obama’s “Race to the Top” scheme. Race to the Top was a contest in which states agreed to let the federal Department of Education, via two puppet organizations, run all of the state’s education systems. Read more →

UMSL: Communist Recruiting With Taxpayer Dollars

The University of Missouri St. Louis uses tax dollars to provide a recruiting station for the Communist Party USA—an organization whose purpose is to shred the United States Constitution. UMSL Student Philip Christofanelli heroically chronicles the remarkable Marxist indoctrination known as “Introduction to Labor Studies” on BigGovernment.com. I’ll give you a taste: Prof. Giljum then introduced Tony Pecinovsky, a local organizer for the Communist Party, who proceeded to speak to us for two hours about the beliefs of the Communist Party and the benefits of membership. Read more →

One Question for Gail Hackett of UMKC

Gail Hackett, UMKC Provost, released a deceitful, false, and irresponsible defense of UMKC instructors who encouraged students to use violence, sabotage, and intimidation to their way. But Gail Hackett refuses to answer hard questions. I have one question for the UMKC Provost: **** **Do you agree with Don Giljum’s statement “I believe in a violent overthrow of Bourgeois?” ** Before you answer, remember that Giljum’s use of the personal term “Bourgois” instead of the the class “bourguoisie” indicates that Giljim believes in violence against individual members of the middle class. Read more →

Seducing the States

You can’t call yourself a conservative and ask for education money from Washington. Republicans dominate both houses of the Missouri legislature. You’d think they’d act like republicans (lower case). But when it comes to education bribes from Washington, many of our Republican legislators show little resistance to political seduction. We can help them. On BigGovernment. com, Bob McCarty highlights the hypocrisy of blasting ObamaCare from one side of the mouth while begging for federal cash out of the other. Read more →

Who Has the Fear?

For 100 years in America, government, business, and the education establishment built schools and laws about education. The purpose of these government schools and education laws was to produce compliant, unimaginative, order-taking automatons. Don’t believe me? Here’s Woodrow Wilson, educator and president, speaking on the American plan for education: We want one class of persons to have a liberal education, and we want another class of persons, a very much larger class of necessity in every society, to forgo the privilege of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks. Read more →

Francis Howell Has a Sicko Teacher

Celeste is an eighteen-year-old student in the Francis Howell High School. Celeste’s fellow students and, apparently, a teacher named Debra Blessman are bullying and abusing the girl. Celeste’s sin? Conservatism. Bob McCarty tells the story better than I can. Dana Loesch has been all over this story. There’s a facebook page dedicated to supporting Celeste, which everyone should like, even those of us who hate facebook. I should point out that, to date, the school’s administrators are standing behind the abusive teach, Blessman, who calls Celeste a “tea bagger” and encourages the students to mock the girl. Read more →


I can’t tell you the date of our last sandlot football game. We didn’t commemorate it or mark with a special ceremony. We probably didn’t even know it would be our last game together. After school, the kids would come to my house. Our next door neighbors, the Nahers, had a double lot, and Mrs. Naher was a former professional women’s baseball player. She loved sports and kids and let us tear up the the lawn they manicured all summer by playing sandlot football in the fall and winter. Read more →

Outliers: The Story of Success

Rarely does a book require immediate action from the reader. “The Rights of Man” by Thomas Paine moved America’s founder’s to action. “The Communist Manifesto” moved Vladimir Lenin to enslave a nation–and allowed Stalin to enslave many more. “The Origin of Species” launched a crusade against tradition that grows in intensity with each subsequent generation. (Listverse has a list of the 10 most influential books of all time, admittedly subjective.) Read more →