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Primary Fast: Day 14

You made it. If you began the Fast with me, today is the last day of skipping breakfast and lunch. (Unless you decide to makeone-meal-a-day a permanent habit.) What Fasting Can Do Here’s what happened to you during the fast (if you followed the prescription): You probably lost about five pounds. Your pants feel looser. You pull your belt a notch tighter. You saved money. (I saved $98. Read more →

Matt Doell: The Ru Paul of Eureka

Matt Doell pretending to be a Republican is the greatest display of cross-dressing since the Broadway premiere of La Cage Aux Folles.1 If you live in Missouri House district 110 (Eureka, Pacific, Wildwood), Matt Doell has been molesting your mailbox with personal attacks on his opponent, Dottie Bailey. (Read voter reactions to Doell’s dirt campaign here and here.) You might have noticed that Doell (I call him Droopy) never attacks Dottie’s positions on issues like jobs, education, the Second Amendment, taxes, crime, etc. Read more →

Bad Judgment on Rockwood School Board (or something worse?)

Everyone remembers the horrible audit of the Rockwood School District. * $1.2 million wasted in double payments * Contracts awarded to a construction company that had one of its executives on the board * Feeble, "arrogant" response to the audit from board members * Bad management! But the worst example of cronyism and arrogance went largely unreported. (The great Elliott Davis caught it, though. Video to follow.) Read more →

Don’t Fast on Sundays

Many years ago, a company hired a new president. After several months on the job, this new president learned that most of his employees couldn’t pick him out of a line-up. He spent so much time in his office or in meetings or traveling that he rarely met with the people who reported to him. To fix this problem, he set up a series of lunches. They were off-site at restaurants around town. Read more →

Primary Fasting

I invite you to join a centuries-old tradition: fasting for a cause. Moses and Jesus fasted for 40 days. But this Primary Fast will last only 14. Some fasts require that you eat nothing during the fast. But this Primary Fast lets you eat one full, wonderful meal a day. Did you know that General Stanley McChrystal has lived on just one meal a day for decades. And one meal a day was enough to drive him through the war against al Qaeda. Read more →