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Dottie Bailey Won

Dottie Bailey defeated Rockwood School Board President Matt Doell in the Republican primary for Missouri House District 110. Dottie now faces Democrat Cody Kelley in November. Dottie is a phenomenal campaigner. She knocked on over 4,000 doors between April and August. Her efforts resulted in an enormous 19 percentage-point win despite being outspent by her opponent. Making Dottie’s more impressive is the fact that Doell had been elected to the Rockwood board three times while this was Dottie’s first race ever. Read more →

Urgent: We Need Poll Sitters

We need poll sitters. Poll workers for Dottie Bailey for Missouri House District 110. Eureka, Pacific, and Wildwood. The job is easy. Wear a Dottie Bailey t-shirt in front of a polling place. As voters approach, say “Thank you for coming out to vote today, and we appreciate your support for Dottie Bailey. Why Dottie Dottie is the true conservative, grassroots activist in the race. Her primary opponent is an old nemesis of the Tea Party. Read more →

Matt Doell: The Ru Paul of Eureka

Matt Doell pretending to be a Republican is the greatest display of cross-dressing since the Broadway premiere of La Cage Aux Folles.1 If you live in Missouri House district 110 (Eureka, Pacific, Wildwood), Matt Doell has been molesting your mailbox with personal attacks on his opponent, Dottie Bailey. (Read voter reactions to Doell’s dirt campaign here and here.) You might have noticed that Doell (I call him Droopy) never attacks Dottie’s positions on issues like jobs, education, the Second Amendment, taxes, crime, etc. Read more →

Doell’s Soul Roe’s Latest Victim

Personally, I like Jeff Roe, the political consultant. He called me the night before Ted Cruz announced his run for president. I was honored, frankly. As Senator Cruz’s campaign manager, Mr. Roe had much bigger fish to fry that night. I’ve heard that Jeff holds no grudges. He genuinely cares about the opposing candidates even while he viciously destroys their careers. I have no doubt Mr. Roe has many great qualities as a person, and I know he has amazing talents as a political operative and strategist. Read more →

Breaking: Droopy Matt Doell Gets Dirty

[caption id=“attachment_36429” align=“alignleft” width=“210”] Droopy (or Disgusting?) Matt Doell[/caption] Voters in House District 110 are asking why they received such a “disgusting” flyer from candidate Matt Doell. Answer: Probably because he’s losing badly. Matt Doell has decided to get dirty. And personal. And mean. (Horrible internals?) While Dottie Bailey has knocked doors, attended coffees, and generally met with voters, Matt Doell rubbed elbows with hot-shots and union bosses and avoided anything that looks like an “ordinary person. Read more →

Doell Slammed by Ethics Commission for Phony Complaint

Matt Doell made a desperate attempt to sick the MEC on Hennessy’s View. Makes me so happy. But the MEC shot Doell down like a hovering duck. From the MEC’s official “Wah-wah” letter to the Doell campaign: Therefore, the Commission is not accepting this complaint. Doell’s failed complaint centers on my blog posts that criticize his performance as a member of the Rockwood School Board. For your convenience, here’s the list of my blogs criticizing Rockwood during Doell’s seven-year tenure: Read more →

Bad Judgment on Rockwood School Board (or something worse?)

Everyone remembers the horrible audit of the Rockwood School District. * $1.2 million wasted in double payments * Contracts awarded to a construction company that had one of its executives on the board * Feeble, "arrogant" response to the audit from board members * Bad management! But the worst example of cronyism and arrogance went largely unreported. (The great Elliott Davis caught it, though. Video to follow.) Read more →

Quick Math Facts on Rockwood School District Tax History. UPDATE: RDS Servers Bouncing?

One of the candidates running for the state House of Representatives in District 110 has been on the Rockwood School Board since 2011. In a campaign mailer, this candidate claims he’s cut taxes in the district. Is that true? Well, it’s true that the property tax rate in Rockwood has been reduced twice during his tenure. But that’s not even close to the whole picture. Since the 2010-2011 school year, when this candidate joined the board, Rockwood has raised taxes 5 times. Read more →