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Jason Plummer Steps In It

When you’re the Republican Establishment’s candidate, you have one simple assignment: don’t screw up. Jason Plummer, a 29-year-old lumber heir, is the GOP Establishment’s appointed candidate for US Congress in Illinois’ 12th Congressional District. He’s facing a shockingly tough race from former police detective and former Belleville Mayor, Rodger Cook. (Never underestimate a detective’s tenacity.) In a debate last week, Plummer failed his one simple assignment. Despite a nearly unlimited war chest from his family’s fortune and the Illinois GOP treasury, Plummer said something stupid. Read more →

Get Off Your Duff and GoVote.com

You have a great new way to participate in the political life of America thanks to GoVote.com With GoVote.com, you can Rate politicians, blogs, organizations, and more * Find all of your elected officials in one place * Find easy links to important web sites * Keep track of news that most important to you * Share your views on events, people, and organizations * More Take a few minutes to register and explore the site this weekend. Read more →

Generational Change

A man lost in thought is liable to say anything. Anything at all. A guy sitting behind me at a restaurant in Lambert airport began singing along with the background music. “Burning down the house (do do).” Perfect. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5VRhmgUNtM&hl;=en&hd;=1] November 2, American voters burned down the U.S. House. Before the vote, estimates ranged from 45 to 70 seats switching from Democrats to Republicans. Burning down the house, indeed. The final number was 63. Read more →

Shady City Votes and Ego-Trip Riders

Three precincts in the city of St. Louis delivered 3,800 votes for Carnahan in the last hour of counting. Wahby’s district. Wahby’s wife works for Mayor Francis Slay. They waited until they knew how many votes they needed, then they manufactured them–typical Dems, in my view. Now I ask you: how many dead or non-existent people voted in Wahby’s precincts? Ed Martin won, and everyone knows it. City Democrats have no qualms with committing felonies to steal elections. Read more →

614 Days

Six hundred fourteen days from the first Tea Parties to Election Day. That’s 307 days in 2009 and 307 in 2010. In that time, we’ve met so many people. We’ve made too many friends. (Psychologists and sociologists and anthropologists believe that a person can manage no more than 150 human relationships, so there is such a thing as too many friends.) Most of us, I’m afraid, have seen friendships end, too. Read more →

Human Decay in the Age of Obama

In 47BC, Julius Caesar assumed dictatorial power in Rome. He instituted “reforms” that transformed the Republic into the Empire. In the process, he became a dictator. Rome’s decent into oblivion began. In 44BC, seeing the damage Caesar’s tyranny and reforms, three men removed Caesar from power by the method of the day. History moves faster now than it did 2,000 years ago. A megalomaniacal leaders bent on fundamentally transforming a nation can do remarkable damage in the blink of an eye. Read more →

The Candidate Who Doesn’t Want You to Know Her

Political candidates want to meet everyone. “If people would just meet me,” they say, “they’ll realize I’m a regular …” guy/gal/tea partier/whatever. This seems a good thing—willing to stand before the voters and be judged. Missouri’s State Auditor, Susan Montee might want to keep her name, her history, and her record out of the spotlight. That’s because Susan Montee is about as hard left as you get. Here’ just a sample: Read more →

Drowning Beauty

Someday I’ll write more – much more – on this. But it’s important to remember what’s at stake in America, in the world, this election: beauty. Totalitarian regimes despise beauty. They bury it in palaces where the rulers roam, their cancerous eyes raking over someone’s masterpiece the way raw sewage pollutes a clear stream after a pipe’s failure. Regimes, in their attempts to hoard beauty, bury it. In free America (remember it? Read more →

Let Some Things Go; Fight For Others

Here’s a passage from a fine roman a clef: [I]f the worst were to happen and a local armed militia were to descend on me and drive me out as a Jewish alien, their offense mainly would be against the Jew, not against the landowner. And in such a case my concern would be for the U.S. Constitution, not for my investment. The rooms, the rocks, the vegetation had no hold on my vital organs. Read more →

A Different World

While we’ve been building the tea party, the world has changed. Our world has changed. * Consumers consume less * Inflation is limited to food, fuel, and gold * Experiences and human connections are more important than possessions and promotions * Debt shifted from people and businesses to government—which means to all of us * The government took out a $48,000 loan in your name * Both major parties looked bad when we examined them When the 112th Congress convenes, the priorities of February 27, 2009, may be irrelevant. Read more →