The Biden Death Watch Begins

The Biden Death Watch Begins

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I can feel it coming in the air tonight… oh Lord

Phil Collins In the Air Tonight

Joe Biden is the loneliest man in the world today.

He has escaped Washington, DC, to spend a long weekend at his home in Delaware. His two-week vacation which began as Kabul was falling to the Taliban, has been effectively canceled.

This long weekend at home would be the perfect opportunity for Joe and Jill to discuss their career options. And, as I wrote earlier this week, don’t be surprised if retirement is the path they choose.

An Unimaginable Failure of Leadership #

It’s impossible to imagine any previous president putting in only two days of work in the week the country spectacularly lost a 20-year war. It’s also impossible to imagine a White House as disorganized and unprepared as Biden’s.

It’s even harder to imagine Joe Biden holding onto power for more than week.

In case you missed it, the United Kingdom has troops on the ground in Afghanistan rescuing Brits left behind when the US abandoned the country to the Taliban. But the United States is, so far, offering no assistance to 10,000 Americans trapped in Afghanistan and unable to make it to Kabul airport.

And, in case you missed this, Joe Biden told ABC News no one could have handled the Afghanistan withdrawal any better than he did.

Finally, you might have missed this: the British Parliament based a bill of contempt against President Joe Biden for his abysmal rudeness and lack of decorum in unilaterally withdrawing from Afghanistan without consulting America’s number one ally, Great Britain.

UK Parliament holds Joe Biden in contempt


UK Parliament holds Joe Biden in contempt

In the debate on the contempt charge against the US president, Biden’s criticism of Afghanistan’s army took center stage:

“To see their commander in chief call into question the courage of men I fought with, to claim that they ran, is shameful,” he said, to murmurs of approval from other MPs.

Over 50,000 Afghan soldiers died in the 20-year war, and some Afghans continue to fight and die even today. Allied service members who fought alongside those Afghans have voiced outrage over Biden’s self-serving criticism of the Afghans' resolve. Their outrage is exacerbated by Biden’s cowardly behavior since the fall of Afghanistan last weekend.

Biden Continues to Brag #

Not only was Joe Biden famously hunkered down in Camp David throughout last weekend’s hideous scenes of mayhem, not only did Biden return to Camp David without taking questions on Monday, but he also believes he handled the situation flawlessly. When Biden said at Monday’s presser, “the buck stops with me,” he meant, “I’m taking credit for the brilliance of this operation.” He really believes Afghanistan was a success.

People from across the political spectrum have assailed Biden’s performance as, perhaps, the worst by an American president in history. Yet Biden seems proud of himself.

Even Joint Chiefs chairman, General Mark Milley, an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump, has been privately telling Pentagon officials he wishes “45 was back,” referring to Trump, the 45th president.

Milly Misses 45


Milly Misses 45

Team Kamala’s Knives #

Meanwhile, open warfare broke out in the White House this week between Kamala Harris’s loyalists and Team Biden. Kamala Harris refused to stand by as Joe Biden delivered a tortured and false address to the nation on Monday despite Biden’s pleas that she appear with him. Then, as Jack Posobiec, editor in chief of Human Events reported yesterday from sources inside the White House, a schoolyard, passive-aggressive fight has escalated throughout the week.

Chaos in the WH, in-fighting, fingers pointed everywhere, knives out. Like Game of Thrones meets Veep but written by non-binary TikTok influencer

Kamala Harris wanted to be president in 2019, and she still wants to be president. She is a puppet of Barack Obama who is calling the shots for Team Kamala. And she is perfectly situated to push Biden into retirement.

25th Amendment or Resignation #

Joe Biden is obviously unfit to decide his own fate. But some around him can help.

If I were Jill Biden, I’d be looking at the chess board.

  • Joe Biden’s popularity has crashed to a net negative 19. (And it will likely crash further after that interview with ABC.)
  • Biden has lost most of the mainstream media support, especially following his ABC News interview.
  • The National Security establishment is leaking like a sieve to put all the blame for the Afghanistan debacle on Biden’s shoulders.
  • Kamala Harris has betrayed him and plans to leave the country on Friday.
  • Those who lost limbs or loved ones in Afghanistan are just now emerging from their shock over last weekend’s events. They will soon go after Biden, earning great sympathy from the press and the American people.
  • Biden is mentally incapable of rescuing himself, either through executive action or with press relations.
  • The American public now sees Biden’s dementia as clearly as some conservatives saw it two years ago.

Jill’s only hope to retain power is to drive Kamala Harris to resign, but that seems highly unlikely. Biden has zero leverage. Kamala holds all the cards.

When Jill looks up from this ugly domestic chess board, she will see far more ominous signs abroad.

  • China is exploiting America’s lack of character and resolve by pushing Taiwan to capitulate.
  • China has also opened inroads to Afghanistan which it can exploit to corner the rechargeable battery market.
  • Russia, though silent, can do the same to Ukraine and other former Soviet Bloc nations.
  • Iran suspects that the United States will no longer have Israel’s back due to American weakness.
  • Allies have refused to reach out to Biden, so embarrassed are they of the Afghanistan situation.
  • Parliament has passed a resolution of contempt against Biden, perhaps the first time ever.
  • No allies trust us; no enemies fear us.

If you put yourself in Jill Biden’s shoes, you might believe resignation the best alternative.

  • Kamala Harris probably doesn’t want the job of President at this point. America is clearly a staggering giant that could collapse at any moment. Who would want to be in the driver’s seat when she crashes?
  • On the other hand, members of Biden’s cabinet realize that Biden is a lame duck just 7 months into his term. They will have diminishing influence as his popularity wanes. They may be eager to throw him out with the 25th Amendment and take their chances with Harris.
  • If Biden is removed via the 25th, his legacy will be tarnished even further as the first President involuntarily removed from office.
  • If he remains as a lame duck, he could cause even bigger catastrophes.
  • By resigning due to health problems, he can save some face, and historians may blame the Afghanistan disaster on those health issues. (They’d be partially right.)

The Biden’s are taking another long weekend off, this time in their own mansion in Delaware. It’s safe to assume Jill is busy talking to trusted advisors on the best way out for her declining husband.

Those friends are likely to reason as I have here: resignation due to health leaves the best legacy.

Either way, please pray for President Biden and Vice President Harris. If ever a White House needed the Lord’s help, it’s this one.