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Co-founder of St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and Nationwide Chicago Tea Party Persuasive design expertLatest book: Turning On Trump: An Evolution (2016)Author of The Conservative Manifest (1993), Zen Conservatism (2009), Weaving the Roots (2011), and Fight to Evolve (2016)I believe every person deserves the dignity of meaningful work as the only path to human flourishing.

How to Deal With Events

Seneca the Younger

Governor Eric Greitens resigned. Friend of the lobbyists, Mike Parson, became Missouri’s governor.  In the words of someone who knows the new governor well, Mike Parson will “sell everything that isn’t nailed down.” For those of us who believe in limited government that doesn’t put its thumb on the scale of achievement, it’s time to …

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Why Is Jay Barnes So Angry?

Remember this? I’m sure you have some cosmic rationaleBut here you are with your faithAnd your Peter Pan adviceYou have no scars on your faceAnd you cannot handle pressureThe pressurePressure1, 2, 3, 4 Pressure!Read more: Billy Joel – Pressure Lyrics | MetroLyrics  Jay Barnes is the chairman of the Missouri House impeachment committee. By all accounts, …


Descend on Jefferson City

Gadsden Flag Cape

It’s time.  Powerful and corrupt people want to undo the 2016 election. In Washington. In Missouri. Win or lose, Americans deal with the results of elections. Our commitment to open, public government, of the people, by, the people, for people, has sustained this nation. And made it the greatest nation in the history of humanity. …


Trump: Morning in America Part II

When you hide the name and simply list accomplishments, any reasonable person would agree that Donald Trump has done more good for the country than any president in living memory. Economy African-America unemployment lowest  in history Hispanic unemployment lowest in history Female unemployment lowest in 18 years Stock market up 35% since election Manufacturing jobs …

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Missouri Crimes

Scott Faughn’s name came up in conversation last week. “What’s this Faughn guy’s role in the Greitens’ investigation?” someone asked. Faughn is the publisher of Missouri Times and a former mayor of Poplar Bluff, Missouri. Papers call him a “power broker.” Others call him the “Candy Man.” I didn’t understand the question. “Not sure,” I …


Hard Advice for Many Friends

“The [Johnson] Treatment” could last anywhere from ten minutes or four hours and it would come whenever and wherever Johnson might find a fellow Senator or politician within his radius. “Its tone could be and included supplication, accusation, cajolery, exuberance, scorn, tears, complaint and the hint of threat.” All of these elements together brought out the …