November 20, 2020

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Why I'm Not Donating to the Georgia Senate Runoffs

Why I'm Not Donating to the Georgia Senate Runoffs

We just saw a completely fraudulent election in Georgia, where the Republican governor, attorney general, and Secretary of State lied repeatedly and helped cover up widespread and pernicious election fraud.

The primary vehicle for fraud in Georgia was mail-in and absentee ballots. The Georgia system, which the legislature had made robust, was weakened over the summer when the state’s executive officers, in direct violation of the US and Georgia Constitutions, effectively removed all fraud controls in order appease Black Lives Matter and the ACLU. Like most Republicans, the Secretary of State was afraid of being accused of racism, so he went along with whatever the BLM crowd demand.

The result was a mess that could help end the American experiment in total failure. And Georgia is doing nothing to prevent even more blatant fraud in the Senate runoffs. Nothing.

America Is at Stake

The stakes could not be higher. Whoever wins the Georgia Senate runoffs will control the Senate for at least two years. The Senate could be the only thing standing between us and a communist dictatorship. If Biden’s fraudulent election stands and Democrats control the Senate, these things will happen in short order:

  • The Supreme Court will expand to 13 justices, giving Democrats permanent control of the nation’s courts.
  • Puerto Rico and District of Columbia will become states, giving Democrats permanent control of the Senate and the Electoral College.
  • State laws will become meaningless, as the Supreme Court will simply dictate the elimination of federalism.
  • The First and Second Amendments (freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, the right to keep and bear arms) will be obliterated.
  • Vote fraud to maintain the ruling party will be proliferate making electoral resistance futile and rather stupid.

After that, you can count on re-education camps, internment centers, the abolition of opposition speech on radio, television, and the internet, and, eventually, summary execution of those who refuse to submit.

In other words, what we refer to as the United States of America will no longer exist. Elections won’t matter. Opposition parties will simply not be allowed to win. Politically, this country will be just like China, Cuba, and Venezuela.

Military Coups Could Be Our Only Hope

The only way to replace the leftist party with a rightist party will be violence. In fact, violence and intimidation will be the only way to solve anything. Contracts will become meaningless.

And this collapse of our representative republic will have been brought about by Republicans who refused to prevent election fraud out of fear of being called names.

We’re hearing that we on the right must rally to the cause of the Georgia runoffs, which makes sense on the surface. But no one really believes the Democrats won’t cheat in that election, too.

In other words, no matter how much money you donate to Republican Senators Loeffler and Perdue, no matter how many Georgians actually vote for the Republicans, the Democrats will simply manufacture enough fake votes to win. The turnout could be 300%. Whatever it takes for Democrats to prevail.

So, we ask again, why would anybody give up money on what looks to be a lost cause?

We Better Get Tough

This doesn’t mean we should throw up our hands and surrender. It means we have to have a different battle, and we have to fight it in a different way.

"Americans have fought, bled, and died to obtain and preserve the right to free and fair elections here and abroad. If this fraudulent election stands, they will have died in vain."

The vast majority of elected Republicans and party leaders will avoid being called names above all else. For the most part, they have very cushy lives. They want their comfort. Nothing is more important to them than comfort. They will always cave to Democrats who threaten to call them “racist.” Always. With a few exceptions, Republicans live for the privilege of office. Just look at Brian Kemp, the Republican Governor of Georgia. If you think he gives thought one to anyone or anything other than himself, you haven’t been paying attention. And Brian Kemp is the prototypical Republican.

If we ever hope to win an election that matters, we need to take back control of the ballot box. By force, if necessary.

Republicans who were “not allowed” into the vote-counting facilities in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin chose to appeal to the people who banned them. That was a mistake. The right answer was to enter by force. Drive a truck through the doors or windows, if necessary, and rush in. Countless Americans have fought, bled, and died to obtain and preserve the right to free and fair elections in this country and others. If this fraudulent election stands, they will have died in vain.

When Governor Brian Kemp refused to conduct an audit of votes, Georgians complained. Wrong tactic. They should have invaded the recount facility and stopped the proceedings until the law was followed.

Remember the Brooks Brothers Riot

The only reason Bush won the Florida audit and recount was because of the Brooks Brothers Riot. During that 2000 recanvas, recount, and audit of the Florida presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore, Roger Stone organized some young Republicans. The young men, dressed like Brooks Brothers models, stormed a recount facility and refused to leave until Republican monitors were allowed to participate in the effort.

Before the “riot,” Democrats had, of course, tried to cheat. They moved the recanvassing operation to tiny room, too small for monitors.

Stone’s people stormed the building and shut down the Democrats' attempt at stealing that election.

Once the Democrats realized our side was willing to escalate the level of force, they backed down. No one was killed or injured. The earlier you apply force, the less force required.

If Biden wins, a rather extreme amount of force will be required to secure the right of the people to choose their representatives. Strongly worded letters will only get you sent to a re-education camp. The sooner we apply necessary force, the less force will have to apply.

Not a Penny

And, until Georgia and 49 other states restore reasonable controls to the election process, sending money to any candidate for any office is a tacit endorsement of election fraud. And foolish.

If you want Republicans to grow spines, close your wallet.

Image: The Brooks Brothers Riot, Dade County, Florida, 2000.