March 30, 2020

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Antifa Threatens to Sue Over Coronavirus Masks

Antifa Threatens to Sue Over Coronavirus Masks

SEATTLE — Left-wing terrorist group Antifa has threatened to sue non-members wearing protective masks in public as a violation of the group’s trademark.

“Wearing masks in public as a form of intimidation and anonymity is our thing,” said Seattle-area organizer Josh Millgram. “These fascists are ruining the brand. I mean, look, with everybody out there wearing some sort of mask, we don’t even know who to hit.”

Antifa Seattle’s general counsel and chief operating officer, Heidi Berkhardt, wrote in a statement, “by long use and general practice, the Antifa mask has become a trademark for the organization. Wearing a mask in public without the express written consent of Antifa Seattle or its affiliates is a violation of US and international trademark laws. Violators will be prosecuted.”

Seventy-nine year old Seattle resident and diabetic Art Lewis, wearing an N95-type mask to pick up his prescriptions at a neighborhood CVS pharmacy said, “Let them sue. What are they gonna get? I don’t want to step on anybody’s copyright or whatever, but we all have to take precautions.”

President Trump is expected to address the issue at a Covid-19 Task Force press conference later this afternoon.