May 11, 2020

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Significant: CDC Death Count Inflated by 25% per Dr. Birx

Significant: CDC Death Count Inflated by 25% per Dr. Birx

We have all come to know some things about Dr. Deborah Birx, the doctor responsible for the White House’s Coronavirus response. Her clear explanations often highlighted the nightly White House Coronavirus Task Force press conferences.

Night after night, we watched and listened as Dr. Birx carefully explained complex statistical and medical information in a way even a reporter could understand. Her style is considered and precise. Understatement and exaggeration seem genetic impossibilities for Dr. Deborah Birx.

Let’s take a look at Dr. Birx in action:

Calm, straight, measured, precise. Dr. Birx doesn’t exaggerate.

Which is precisely what makes her indictment of CDC data so damning.

A story broke over the weekend that Dr. Birx dropped a truth-bomb on her colleague from the CDC, Dr. Robert Redfield. According to multiple reports, Dr. Birx, frustrated with the CDC’s infamous COVID death certificate guidlines, said: “There is nothing from the CDC I can trust.”

“There is nothing from the CDC I can trust.” — Dr. Deborah Birx

Adding insult to injury, Dr. Birx told the meeting of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, she believes the CDC’s death toll is exaggerated by 25 percent, according to reports.

To put that into perspective, a 25 percent overstatement of Coronavirus deaths means the current US death toll is 61,000, not the 81,000 currently being reported by the CDC and trumpeted by the fake news media.

And Dr. Birx is only the latest to question the CDC’s shady accounting practices. Doctors across the country have complained that the CDC’s guidance on attributing deaths to Coronavirus are unusual, confusing, and designed to inflate the count.

CDC’s death toll exaggerated by as much as 25 percent.

Add to the weird guidelines the fact that hospitals are paid a $13,000 bounty for Coronavirus virus patients and another $39,000 for patients put on ventilators (whether they need it or not), the CDC seems to encourage fraud and abuse in order to get the largest possible death toll from the outbreak.

Dr. Birx’s reputation for precision and accuracy make her accusations against the CDC credible. This will shake the medical world’s confidence in the CDC, even if doctors won’t say so on national television.

Expect to see growing calls for downward revisions to the Coronavirus death toll numbers, and a sharp decline in new deaths being reported. And don’t surprised if a lot of doctors begin questioning the CDC’s data, recommendations, and motives.