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Domine, non sum dignus

Easter and the Mueller Report

I write this on Easter Sunday, 2019, and the secular world, particularly the anti-Christian secular world, is losing its mind again. This time, the left’s insanity arises from the final report of the special investigator, Robert Mueller, into alleged crimes committed by the presidential campaign of Donald Trump in 2015 and 2016. Amazingly, what we are seeing in the reaction to that Mueller report was seen by an early father of the Church, St. Read more →

New Mass by the Numbers

I prefer the Latin Mass of 1962 (and a thousand years before) for at least 12 reasons listed here. My last reason for loving the Latin Mass (which I failed to list in that blog post) seems important: how American Catholicism has changed since the inception of the new mass in about 1970. So I turned to Georgetown University’s Center for Applied Research in the Apostalate for the numbers. Read more →

Chelsea, Meet Stoicism

Donald Trump’s triumph in the 2016 election drove Chelsea Handler into a depraved descent. Weed and depression. Psychiatrists. Broken. Not because of anything that happened to her. She didn’t lose her home. No one close to her died because of the election. Chelsea Handler lost her mind because reality violated her expectations. I’m pretty sure Ms. Handler doesn’t read Hennessy’s View, but you do. So, for you, I’ll tell you how to avoid losing your mind when reality violates your expectations. Read more →

Rex the Libertarian Tyrant

I want to take over the world and leave everybody alone –Libertarian Motto Rex Sinquefield graduated from Bishop DuBourg High School and he’s supposedly something of a libertarian. That’s about all we have in common. Rex left St. Louis and became a billionaire by inventing stock market indexing or something. I went the Navy and still thank God every day that I have roof over my head. Rex is a brilliant chess strategist. Read more →

12 Reasons I Love Latin Mass

Lately, I’ve been going to Latin Mass instead of the new mass. Latin Mass feels like home to me. It feels like a call to holiness. Every detail of the Latin Mass has meaning, not just to me, but to everyone who’s studied scripture. The words, the gestures, the artifacts like the communion rail all have deep meaning. I don’t think the new mass is heretical; I just don’t think it lifts us up toward God. Read more →

What Could Be In Mueller Report

Just a quick warning. On break from Lenten retreat, but this is bugging me. Many conservatives are celebrating the Mueller report even though they have no idea what it says. That’s dangerous, as I pointed out in my post on loving Rachel Maddow: Finally, we still don’t know the details of the Mueller report. It could contain information that sends conservatives to Twitter to express our rage and anger. We don’t know. Read more →

Why We Should Love Rachel Maddow Now

God gives us so many opportunities to love our enemies. How often do we take him up on those offers? One of those opportunities to love came to us yesterday. Independent counsel Robert Mueller delivered to the Attorney General his final report on potential crimes involving the 2016 presidential election and the Trump campaign. The lede of that story was this: no new indictments. And the left lost their minds. Read more →

To Love Is to Will

Tina Turner not withstanding, love is not an emotion, and that’s a good thing. In today’s Gospel (from the modern lectionary), Jesus tells his disciples to “love your enemies” and “pray for those who persecute you.” But how? I find it difficult even to be around certain people, much less love them. Surely, Jesus wasn’t serious when He told us to love our enemies, right? If Jesus meant what He said, then I must not know what love means. Read more →

Go to Caracas and Say a Rosary

Down in the world’s newest socialist “paradise,” the longest blackout in decades has struck Venezuela. The country has been without power for at least 4 days. That’s how socialism works. The constitutional president, Juan Guaido, has called on Venezuelans to pour into the capital city of Caracas to demand the communist dictator Madura surrender. Guaido correctly points out that Maduro’s socialism caused the problem. Guaido’s call is great, but it doesn’t go far enough. Read more →

Fasting Is a Good Spring Cleaning for the Soul

My heart and soul needed a good spring cleaning, and Lent arrived just in time. Lent is fasting season. Most people know what fasting is, but many people don’t know what religious fasting is for. What good does fasting do the soul? Fasting is form of asceticism. That means intentionally depriving yourself of some comfort or sensual pleasure. Asceticism does not require pain or self-flagellation. Self-flagellation tends to lead to pride and should be avoided. Read more →