November 5, 2018

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How I'm Voting

In case anyone cares.

US Senate: Josh Hawley

US House, 2nd District: Ann Wagner

State Auditor: Saundra McDowell

State Senate: Dave Schatz

State Rep, 110th: Dottie Bailey


Amendment 1: NO (this amendment is intended to make Missouri a blue state. Kill it now)

Amendment 2: YES (best step toward ending cannabis war in Missouri)

Amendment 3: YES (in case Amendment 2 fails)

Amendment 4: YES (why can’t bingo advertise? Casinos can.)

Proposition B: NO (hurts the most vulnerable of the unemployed to benefit those who already have work)

Proposition C: NO (the legislator already proved it can’t handle this issue)

Proposition D: NO (this is the kind of omnibus bill that should be banned)

St. Louis County

Executive: Paul Berry III

Assessor: Dan Hyatt

County Council 7: Mark Harder

County Props

Prop 1: NO

Prop 2: YES

Prop B: YES

Prop C: YES

Prop D: NO (scheme to merge city and county)

Prop E: NO (freedom!)

Prop F: NO (freedom!)

Proposition 2: NO (read my lips: NO NEW TAXES!)

Don’t forget to Vote and Pray