November 3, 2018

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Democrats Hate Asylum Seekers From Commie Countries

WARNING: College-educated suburban women should not read this article because it will punch holes in their unicorn-and-rainbows delusions.

Democrats use refugees like pawns in their perverted and wicked quest for power.

Once upon a time, nearly all asylum seekers were turned away by the United States. These were times when Democrats ran the White House or both Houses of Congress.

Most recently, the Obama administration banned all asylum seekers from Cuba.

President Obama is abandoning America’s five decade-old policy on asylum seekers that guarantees Cubans asylum in the United States. The change comes at a time when more Cubans will have arrived at U.S. borders than at any time since 1980, and it is a major win forthe Cuban regime and opponents of immigration, both of which oppose Cuban immigration to the United States. But the sudden reversal is bad policy that will harm efforts to secure the border and aid the regime most hostile to human rights in the Western Hemisphere.

The Foundation for Economic Education, January 13, 2017

The Clinton Administration in 2000 sent stormtroopers into a private home in the 2:00 a.m. dark to snatch a terrified 8-year-old Elian Gonzalez from his home in Florida to return him to Fidel Castro’s Caribbean prison.

Saturday’s Nacht-und-Nebel-style seizure of Elian Gonzalez by armed U.S. agents resembled Munich 1940 more than Miami 2000. The abuses of power and excessive force in this revolting episode epitomize a federal police state that has goose-stepped from Ruby Ridge to Waco and now to Little Havana.

Deroy Murdoch,, April 24, 2000

Like in 1975 when Joe Biden, Jerry Brown, Ted Kennedy, and most other Democrat luminaries tried to block Vietnam War refugees from entering the country. Brown, then governor of California, even considered going to war agains the US Air Force to block planes form landing at Travis Air Base.

National Public Radio host Debbie Elliott retraced Brown’s refusal to accept any refugees in a January 2007 interview with Taft. According to a transcript, which was aired on its flagship program, “All Things Considered,” Taft said, “our biggest problem came from California due to Brown.” She called his rejection of Vietnamese refugees “a moral blow.”

“I remember at the time we had thousands and thousands of requests from military families in San Diego, for instance, who had worked in Vietnam, who knew some of these people,” she told NPR.

The Daily Caller

And, of course, Democrat Franklin Roosevelt famously turned away thousands of Jewish refugees from Germany and France in 1939. They all died.

So, the next time you hear acollege-educated suburban woman telling you Democrats love refugees, remember history, the subject suburban women never study.