October 28, 2018

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This could make Missouri a blue state fast

Amendment 1 would turn over Missouri’s state and federal gerrymandering to an unelected demographer. This means there’s an 8 to 1 chance (87.5%) that the demographer will be a Democrat. 

Demography is a social science.  Social science majors are mostly far left or liberal. Only a handful of social science majors call themselves conservative:

A 2015 study by psychologist José Duarte, then at Arizona State University, and his colleagues in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, entitled “Political Diversity Will Improve Social Psychological Science,” found that 58 to 66 percent of social scientists are liberal and only 5 to 8 percent conservative and that there are eight Democrats for every Republican. 

Is Social Science Politically Biased in Scientific American

Therefore, if you vote for Amendment 1, you’re voting for an 87.% chance of Missouri being gerrymandered into a Democrat state. It makes sense to vote for the amendment if you’re a Democrat. But if you’re a Republican, you probably should vote No on Bad Amendment 1.