Donald the Great

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In less than two years, Donald J. Trump has already achieved more as President of the United States than most of his predecessors did in eight or more years. 

  • Trump has eliminated more federal regulations than all past presidents combined
  • Trump pushed through Congress one of the largest tax cuts in history
  • Trump has renegotiated numerous trade agreements, including NAFTA
  • Trump has reinvigorated American manufacturing
  • Trump has sparked the strongest economy in US history
  • Trump has reduce unemployment for blacks and Hispanics to their lowest levels in history
  • Trump has achieved a remarkable 35% favorability rating among blacks, the highest for a Republican in modern times
  • Trump has placed  on the Supreme Court two solidly conservative jurists
  • Trump has given Republicans the courage to stand up to evil progressives
  • Trump has reunited the warring factions of the Republican base
  • Trump has changed Americans' expectations of the office of president
  • Trump has redefined what it means to be presidential
  • Trump has exposed America’s domestic enemies and left vulnerable

Even those who viscerally hate Donald Trump—and there are many—cannot deny that Trump’s impact on the USA and on the world exceeds even his impact on the New York City skyline. America will never be the same. 

I, for one, think President Trump’s effect on the country is a blessing. From his pro-life accomplishments to his economic miracle-working, Trump has made America great again. While establishmentarian world “leaders” reject Trump’s brash style of leadership, the people of the world recognize that America is back in a big way. 

Consider this: with one month to go until the mid-term elections, the only subject of conversation on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News is Donald Trump. President Trump is not the most frequent topic, he’s the only topic. Even weather reports are primarily about Donald Trump. 

Movie stars, pop music stars, models, TV actors, professional athletes, and almost every other class of celebrity brands himself vis-a-vis Donald Trump. 

Television talkshow hosts choose their wardrobes and hairstyles based on how they look compared to Donald Trump. 

People talk about Trump at work, in restaurants, and at sporting events. Trump is everywhere.

No president, no human, in my lifetime has so consumed every facet of life. Franklin Roosevelt might have had a similar stature in the United States in the 30s and 40s. Churchill was as big in Britain during World War II. But no man in modern times has captivated the whole world like Donald Trump. 

Regardless of politics, you know that Donald Trump is the most powerful and best-known political leader in your lifetime. And you know that his presidency has already changed the world in ways that won’t be fully understandable for decades. Further, you know that the entire panoply of leftists, progressives, Marxists, and mainstream Democrats  deployed in full battle array have not been able to stop a single Trump initiative. Even the wall is going up right before our eyes.

With the elevation of Judge Kavanaugh, President Trump becomes Donald the Great.