September 8, 2018

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The Kavanaugh Conniption

Judging by the hateful behavior of the materialistic left, you’d think Judge Brett Kavanaugh has a history of driving around neighborhoods and stopping to strangle puppies in front of their 5-year-old masters. 

There was Kamala Harris’s outburst at the start of the hearings. 

There was Cory Booker’s sad and embarrassing Spartacus moment which was like a failed scene in a forgotten Woody Allen movie. 

Now, the left’s hate groups are complaining that the Democrats didn’t go far enough. Presumably, the left wanted Chuck Schumer to murder Kavanaugh right there in the Senate hearing room. 

And why do they hate Judge Kavanaugh so much? 

Because the left is of this world and Kavanaugh, to some degree, is of heaven. And on matters of this world vs. heaven, **the left loves this world and hates heaven. **

This is nothing new. The Nazarenes loved this world and hated Jesus.

When Jesus preached in his hometown of Nazareth, his people tried to kill him. Not because Jesus was evil, but because Jesus was a threat to their worldly comfort.

When they heard this, all in the synagogue were filled with wrath. And they rose up and put him out of the city, and led him to the brow of the hill on which their city was built, that they might throw him down headlong. But passing through the midst of them he went away.

Luke 4:28-30

Jesus offered the Nazarenes eternal life, but that’s not what they wanted. The Nazarenes wanted free health care and welfare, just like we do today. When Jesus didn’t give them Obamacare, they tried to kill him. 

Likewise, today’s leftists live only for material wealth and comfort. They hate love, hate truth, and hate goodness. They hate those who store up their treasures in heaven and love those who pile up treasures on earth. And, being slaves to the father of lies, they project their hate onto Judge Kavanaugh. “Kavanaugh is an extremist who will help institutionalize Trump’s hate for a generation,” wrote prominent leftists in a letter to Chuck Schumer.

[You can’t avoid slavery. Find out how to pick the right master.]

Judge Kavanaugh is not Jesus and the writers of DailyKos are not Satan. But the battle between Kavanaugh and the left is the same battle as between God and Satan, good and evil, fought on a different plane, to paraphrase William F. Buckley in Up From Liberalism.  

And the hate-filled violence expressed in the left’s words against Kavanaugh help explain why I have adjusted my mission from saving the country to preparing my soul and character for what’s to come. 

If our nation remains on its current path, the wall will break. Someday, probably in my lifetime, the left will, however small in numbers, will give up on the democratic process to bring about their unholy dream world. They will seize power and begin persecuting all who refuse to pray to their idols. I want to be ready to accept their persecution, even as far as torture and death.

I told a friend a few weeks ago that I see a lot of martyrdom in our future. He laughed. But I wasn’t joking. 

And their’s good news. The way to avoid that violent end of the American experiment is by preparing for it. If enough people with enough fervor and enough faith prepare their souls for the trial by fire, the fire will be extinguished. Holiness is the answer, no matter whether my premonitions come to be or not.

Which makes my choice easy and selfish. Selfish in the sense that I am trying to put my salvation before the nation’s salvation. In so doing, I hope to inspire a few others, at least, to do likewise.

And if we inspire enough people to follow Christ, we will save many souls and, perhaps, the country, too. The irony here is that, if this plan works, my prophecy will be wrong. 

[Read about the plan here.]

The way to fight the left, then, is by getting close to Christ Jesus. And prepare to suffer in this world for clinging to the kingdom of God. As Father Jacques Phillipe writes in his masterpiece Interior Freedom:

What really hurts is not so much suffering as the fear of suffering. If welcomed trustingly and peacefully, suffering makes us grow. It matures and trains us, purifies us, teaches us to love unselfishly, makes us poor in heart, humble, gentle, and compassionate toward our neighbor. Fear of suffering, on the other hand, hardens us in self-protective, defensive attitudes, and often leads us to make irrational choices with disastrous consequences.

Interior Freedom by Fr. Jacques Phillipe [link]

As you might have guessed, I am also hedging. Right or wrong, by cooperating with God’s graces I will be in a better place. I hope those who accuse Judge Kavanaugh of hate will find their hearts open to God’s graces as well. And I hope you will be there, too, because happiness loves company.