September 4, 2018

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But What If the Holy Father Is Right?

You might think I’ve been pretty hard on Pope Francis lately. I’ve questioned whether his refusal to deny Archbishop Viganò’s accusations. And I’ve indicated that, if the allegations are true, the pope’s resignation might be the best thing for the Church.

Please understand that my posts are about seeking justice for the many victims of this scandal, includes the many faithful who never directly abused by a priest but, nonetheless, have been harmed by the scandal.

My goal has never been to demand punishment or to question the pope’s authority. Rather, to question his judgment if he knew of Cardinal McCarrick’s terrible behavior and of Pope Benedict’s sanctions against McCarrick but he let McCarrick return to public life anyway.

I believe that the Holy Spirit guides the Church hierarchy when the Church hierarchy lets Him. Because of that belief, I am open to the possibility that, even if the pope knew it all, his actions were informed by the Holy Spirit.

**It’s possible that the only way for McCarrick’s many crimes to reach the full light of day was for McCarrick to return to public life. Maybe, had McCarrick simply slunk away into a life of prayer penance, his victims would have been satisfied. They may have remained silent. And the problem would have festered. **

Most of us find it difficult to believe this particular scandal will continue to fester now. Events have forced the problem, if not the troublemakers, into the light of day. Too many people are demanding action for the Church to return to the ways that produced the problem. **It’s a lot like the way President Trump operates: forcing long-festering problems to a head so they can be dealt with once and for all. **

Also, I pray every day for the Holy Father’s monthly intention. (This month, it’s for the young people of Africa.)  I do my best to explain his teachings, such as with the death penalty, on theology and morality. The saints have taught us that God places a very high premium on obedience.

That’s all I wanted to say: I am open to the possibility that the Holy Spirit worked through Pope Francis to bring this dark episode to a head. In which case, we must give the pope his due.

National Catholic Register has a great summary of the story to date.