Dottie Bailey Won

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Dottie Bailey defeated Rockwood School Board President Matt Doell in the Republican primary for Missouri House District 110. Dottie now faces Democrat Cody Kelley in November.

Dottie is a phenomenal campaigner. She knocked on over 4,000 doors between April and August. Her efforts resulted in an enormous 19 percentage-point win despite being outspent by her opponent. Making Dottie’s more impressive is the fact that Doell had been elected to the Rockwood board three times while this was Dottie’s first race ever. And her opponent hired Republican powerhouses Capitol Strategies and Axiom while Dottie relied on committed volunteers and a local campaign strategist (who is awesome, by the way).

The race serves as a reminder that money and power can’t beat great candidates who work like dogs through the hot summer months. Great candidates attract great volunteers, and Dottie received remarkable assistance from the area.

Thank you to everyone voted for Dottie and the many people who provided small, individual donations to her campaign. Because Dottie faces a Democrat in the fall, please consider donating to help Dottie win. (We never take an opponent lightly. That’s how you get upset.)

Thanks, too, to Matt Doell. He was a worthy opponent who continues to look for opportunities to serve our community. It’s through the dedicated efforts of people like Matt that our democratic-republic thrives.

Congratulations Dottie and all who worked so hard on this campaign. The scale of your victory is a testimony to your hard work and to the wisdom of our voters.