August 6, 2018

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How I'm Voting August 7

People ask me how I plan to vote on August 7. Here you go:

U.S. Senator - Republican Party Primary → Austin Petersen

U.S. Representative, District 2 - Republican Party Primary → Noga Sachs

State Auditor - Republican Party Primary→ Paul Curtman

Missouri Proposition A→ Yes

State Representative, District 110 - Republican Party Primary→ Dottie Bailey

St. Louis County Executive - Republican Party Primary→ Paul Berry III

St. Louis County Assessor - Republican Party Primary → Dan Hyatt

St. Louis County Council, District 7 - Republican Party Primary→ Mark A. Harder

St. Louis County Proposition 2→ No

St. Louis County Proposition 3→ Yes

St. Louis County Proposition 4→ No

Some Explanations

U.S. Senator

Austin Petersen is a powerhouse of pro-liberty energy. While I’m sure Josh Hawley is a good guy, I fear he’s a little too good to the long-time Republican establishment king-makers.

Austin Petersen is a pro-life, liberty-first Energizer bunny who just keeps going. He’ll keep going in Washington in a way that you’ll find unpredictable, exciting, charming, and wonderful to watch. A Trump rally in the Senate. We need that.


Choosing between Paul Curtman and Dave Wassinger wasn’t easy. I went to a Blues game with Dave a couple years ago. He’s a great guy with a great legal mind. He took on the Big Banks and won.

But, ultimate, Paul Curtman has stood at the barricades with me many times. While others can nod their head in agreement with my thoughts and ideas for government, Paul Curtman consistently for a decade went out and fought for those ideas. As Auditor, Paul will advance the work started by Tom Schweich to clean up government.

Proposition A: Right to Work

This is so important to liberty, freedom, and jobs in Missouri. We are surrounded by Right to Work states. No governor, no corporation, no union can create jobs in Missouri faster than our neighboring states without Right to Work.

The argument the unions make is cynical and selfish. They admit they prefer fewer jobs with higher wages. Unions admit they don’t care if you have job, as long as they have a job and boat and a six-week vacation somewhere nice every year.

I want more people to thrive, not fewer. So I utterly reject the unions' selfish position that would leave many good men and women begging for scraps from the welfare state.

Dottie Bailey for Missouri House 110

I don’t really need to explain this one. Dottie is the only Republican running in the Republican primary. And she’s the kind of legislator Missouri and the country need. Dottie will be the star the 2019 Freshman class in Jefferson City. Believe me.

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