July 29, 2018

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How Many Kids Did You Save Today?

Rush Limbaugh says radical feminism’s goal is to see that every abortion that can happen does.

Today, I witnessed the opposite of that murderous goal. Today, I was lucky enough to rub elbows with beautiful people who make sure every life that can happen does. And every life saved is given the necessities to thrive.

At my very first Knights of Columbus meeting in June, a man stood up to speak. He’s a Knight. I’d seen him at Mass before, but I didn’t know his name.

“John wants to say something before we get started,” someone said. We quieted down to listen.

John Ryan, a true hero, told the story of his work outside a local abortion mill. In a short period of time, he managed to save the lives of three babies. Two women, one pregnant with twins, listened to John’s words and felt moved to reconsider their scheduled abortions.

These women were not going to the clinic for information. When they met John, they were checking in for their procedures. Eleventh hour.

John told the women, “we will make sure you have everything you need for the lives you save.”

Today, about forty people gathered at Fr. Dowling Hall at Most Sacred Heart parish in Eureka, Missouri to make good on that promise. The women and their families were guests of the parish and the Knights of Columbus. They were invited to receive our gifts.

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The gifts—which included car seats, hand-made twin beds, boxes and boxes of diapers, clothes, toys and gifts for the saved babies' older siblings, gift cards, and more—were sponsored by an amazing group of pro-life people. Defenders of the Unborn.

Defenders of the Unborn is 501(c)3 non-profit that sticks around long after a woman chooses life for her unborn child. Working with many pro-life activists who pray and counsel outside of abortion clinics, Defenders backs up the activists' words with deeds. Our wonderful Tea Party friend Marty Bennet was there. (Anything that Marty endorses must be something for the good.) Marty and John are board members for Defenders of the Unborn.

Today, John announced that Frank Leta Honda donated a vehicle to one of the families. This was their sixth child, and they lacked a car that fit them. Now, they have one.

Defenders of the Unborn exposes the lie that pro-lifers don’t stick around after the baby is born. Currently, Defenders is working with 18 women and over 20 children who have chosen life. Together with groups like the Knights of Columbus, Defenders makes sure that every child that can experience the joys of a first Christmas or an Easter Egg Hunt does. By helping mothers with necessities, even automobiles, Defenders gives the children they save a fighting chance in life.

Today, some good people helped save three lives. Maybe you’d like to share in that remarkable feeling of goodness.

Please visit the Defenders' homepage. See the great work they do. And consider a small donation to help the children we save through prayer and activism.