July 18, 2018

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All Politicians Treat Constitutents Well

Some people complain about politicians not representing their constituents well. 

I disagree. 

From what I’ve seen in my life, all politicians do a great job of representing their constituents. They really do.

If I’m right about politicians being 100% true to their constituents, then why are so many voters so unhappy with the people they voted for? 

It’s simple: the voters aren’t every politician’s constituents. 

That’s right. Not all politicians consider the people who vote for them constituents. Politicians have all kinds of constituents. They have big donors, big labor, big business, big education as constituents. They have constituents who are small business people who want to become big business people through tax increment financing and tax abatement. 

People like you and me don’t really matter to the kinds of politicians who want to represent special interests. We just don’t. We’re really a problem for them. 

Likewise, you and I work against those kinds of politicians who only represent BIG things. But how you can tell whether a candidate is likely to represent you or Big Education?

It’s pretty simple: whom do they spend time with?

Politicians who spend time with Big Labor, Big Business, and Big Education want to help Big Labor, Big Business, and Big Education. This class of elitist politician doesn’t knock doors and they don’t go ice cream socials. They never miss a chamber of commerce event or a National Education Association rally. They skip your Republican Township meetings, though. 

The good news is there’s another kind of politician. The kind who skips the big boys to hang with the people. The good kind of politician who tries to meet every voter and knock on every door in the district. 

Dottie Bailey has knocked on over 3,000 doors in Missouri’s 110th House District. Three thousand doors since March! 

Her opponent . . . no one knows for sure. Maybe he knocked on a few. I don’t know. No one seems to have ever met him. No one except big shots with big labor, big business, and big education. 

If you live in Wildwood, Eureka, or Pacific, you’ve probably met Dottie Bailey. You probably have no idea who her opponent is. 

If you want someone to represent you, vote for Dottie. It’s that simple, really.